Aural Decay unleash new single!

Brit prog metal project, AURAL DECAY, has released an ear-splitting new single, Facing The Obscure, out now – .

Formed and born out of the recent Covid-19 lockdown, AURAL DECAY is a brand new and exciting solo endeavour from multi-instrumentalist Daniel Robinson. Based in Northern England, AURAL DECAY pulls from everyone from Periphery, Meshuggah, Gojira and TesseracT to Humanity’s Last Breath. Hurling out gargantuan riffs, twisted groves, textured soundscapes, full throttle vocal lines, and complex song structures, AURAL DECAY offer a sound that is engulfing and wholly intense.

By harnessing a compositional approach that explores irregular time signatures, odd meters, and experimentation, the project aims to be a challenging and thought-provoking listening experience. And it has certainly fulfilled its manifesto, as evidenced by its new single, Facing The Obscure. The track is a ferocious blend of progressive metal and cutting edge metalcore that contorts its way around your head and hangs in the ethers for eons. Daniel Robinson remarks about the single: “The song explores the relationship between our subconscious and conscious mind, and how the two connect. It’s influenced from Meshuggah’s progressive style, blended with the energy and aggression of metalcore. It was recorded using the Fortin NTS Suite amp-sim and Tomas Haake’s Drumkit From Hell library to create a raw and hard-hitting sound.”

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