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I fell in love with Heavy Metal when it was still just one genre. I love all good music from Glam to Grunge, Thrash to Goth (which I think I invented sometime in 1989). I'm guilty of getting into live music and have from time to time taken my top off and jumped into the pit! Nearly fifty trips round the sun, but still having a lot of fun. P.S I do like bikes quite alot (the pedelling kind)

Babymetal – Metal Galaxy

For the uninitiated Babymetal takes a bit of explaining. There are things in this world that go together naturally like Strawberries and Cream. There are also combinations that should never be allowed like custard and fishfingers. However sometimes there is a fusion which, whilst it shouldn’t work, does. Babymetal may …

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Hellyeah – Welcome Home

Last year we lost one of our own when Vinnie Paul passed away. He had, as I’m sure you’ll agree, along with his brother been a pioneer in Metal and after Dimebag’s untimely death Vinnie had carried on within the Supergroup that was Hellyeah. He had though, before his untimely …

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Fallen Mafia – Awaken

As I write this, Fallen Mafia are preparing for the launch of their first full album. Having previously released 4 EP’s ( Leather, Lipstick & Cigarettes, How the Story Ends, Asylum and Fallen if you’re interested). This then is, no doubt a labour of love and, the highlight of their …

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In September The Agonist return with a new album Orphans. One of Canadas finest exports (second maybe to Maple Syrup) this is their sixth studio recording and the third with singer Vicky Psarakis. This is a band with history which I won’t go into here, but it is sufficient to …

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After The Burial – Satan’s Hollow, Manchester: 4th August 2019

Since I’ve started reviewing gigs for Planetmosh I’ve got to experience quite a few different clubs. Nothing however could have prepared me for what I was confronted with when I strolled up to Satan’s Hollow in Manchester to see After the Burial. A small side street entrance led me into …

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Schattenmann – Epidemie

When I was asked to review the new album by Schattenmann it was pitched to me as “if you like Rammstein you might like this”. So as the album starts I’m already prejudging. As if aimed to not disappoint the opening track Schattenland has the throbbing industrial guitar beat from …

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Sumo Cyco – Phase One Records – Liverpool – 13/06/2019

Anybody who knows about Sumo Cyco will know they are all about their fans. This was never more evident than when myself and my trusted wingman caught up with them at Phase One Records in Liverpool. After we’d had a chat (see Sty’s interview with them) we headed on inside …

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T.O.W.E.R.S – Towers

Nottingham has always been synonymous with forests but could this be soon replaced with talk of ‘T.o.w.e.r.s’ This energetic young band have managed to simultaneously create an album with the sweet, nostalgic sound of the 80s hard rock (with a female twist) movement whilst also maintaining their own stylistic values; …

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Sons Of Liberty – Aged In Oak

If I had to describe Sons of Liberty as a drink they would defiantly be a bottle of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam. From the outset their new EP Aged in Oak oozes out heavy country infused riffs straight from the planes of Texas. The first track “If it ain’t …

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