Steve Tottle

Lover of all things metal - the more extreme the better! Metal head since 1982. Also been a Gary Numan fan since 1979. I also love good food - cooking and eating it. Real ale, St Helens RLFC, Aircraft, Classic cars and diesel locomotives,and most of all, great friends!

Massacre”Resurgence” album review

New Massacre album “Resurgence” is certainly that – a return to the values of old school American Death Metal…to be Released October 22 via Nuclear Blast Records Best known for the awesome HP Lovecraft inspired 1991 album “From Beyond”, Massacre released 2 more studio albums in 1996, and 2014. Neither …

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Ichor – “The Black Raven” album review

Australian Black Metal band Ichor have just released their second full length album “The Black Raven” Though they formed back in 1993, it was not until 2018 that Ichor released their first full-length album. Hosting six tracks of icy cold slow to mid-paced BM, nevertheless, it was a solid piece …

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Zeromancer “Orchestra Of Knives” Video Interview

Kim Ljung of Zeromancer chats to PlanetMosh regarding the band’s new album Orchestra of Knives, coping with covid, and migraines! Watch the interview here: Zeromancer Interview with Kim Ljung Album review Orchestra of Knives here: Zeromancer links:

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Zeromancer – “Orchestra of Knives”

Norwegian industrial rock band Zeromancer release “Orchestra of Knives” – their first studio album since 2013’s “Bye Bye Borderline” First things first, for those not acquainted with Zeromancer, they have been releasing their blend of industrial electronica and rock since 2000. Orchestra of Knives will be their 7th studio album …

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Vader – Polish death metal classic “De Profundis” album review

VADER: Polish death metal classic “De Profundis” gets a new lease of life. Originally released back in 1995, Vader’s classic second album has been remastered, re-issued, and brought roaring into the 21st century. The original CD release had no lyric sheet and a rather basic insert. This has been addressed …

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Nunslaughter mean business on new album release


Now here is a name you *should* have heard of if you enjoy filthy, raw, black metal. And trust me Nunslaughter mean business on their new album release. It’s called “Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death” so if you are expecting ballads and progressive stuff, I can guarantee this …

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Idolos – Ahi Cab EP Review

Idolos – Ahi Cab EP Review Idolos offer up Ahi Cab, a 4 track EP of old school black metal for the new generation. Hailing from a Pulsar in the outermost reaches of the Milky Way via France; Idolos is a 2 piece black metal band. If one is to …

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Plague Of Carcosa – Ocean Is More Ancient Than The Mountains (EP)

Plague Of Carcosa – Ocean Is More Ancient Than The Mountains (EP) – This Filthy Lovecraftian Doom will have Cthulhu himself banging his head and smiling! As a real-life Cthulhu Cultist, Plague of Carcosa‘s new E.P Ocean Is More Ancient Than The Mountains, had me drooling and uttering R’Lyehan chants …

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