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Bullet For My Valentine – Victoria Hall, Stoke – 06/10/2015

Victoria Hall in Stoke is steeped in tradition. Built in 1888 for the Queen’s Jubilee, I’m sure it could tell many a fascinating story. Tonight is another chapter in the venue’s wonderful story as the Bullet For My Valentine Venom tour rolls into town on a dank October evening with …

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Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed

Hallelujah! Powerwolf are back! For those who are already Powerwolf fans, yes the pun was intended. For those who are not, well let’s just say the word Hallelujah crops up pretty frequently in the bands’ lyrics. But I digress, the gorgeous priests of Power Metal have returned with their latest …

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Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud

With 25 years passing miraculously and the band drifting away from their death metal roots, this doesn’t stop Amorphis excelling in their craft. The Finnish metallers carry something special; the ability to produce variation and to apply all of it into their music. And they have done that especially on …

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Aghast! – All The Rage

‘Ripping apart the extreme metal rule book, AGHAST! incorporate the blasting fury of death metal, sickening speed of thrash metal and the slamming bounce of grindcore. With an ear for melody that will leave you humming along to the ringing in your ears.’ Pretty much the above bio is self-explanatory …

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Steel Prophet – Into The Void / Continuum

30 years on, Connecticut Metallers Steel Prophet have released a re-issue of their 1997 album Into The Void but there is a surprise. With this album comes a re-release of their 1996 EP Continuum for this to become a double album. Sounds like 2 for the price of 1, especially …

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