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In This Moment – Black Widow

There's no argument that In This Moment are one of those bands that tend to be something like Marmite - people seem to either love them or hate them. Butcher Babies are another one of those type of bands. Thing is, I LIKE Butcher Babies and think they are unfairly maligned. I've got the same kind of feeling about In This Moment. What I've heard, I've certainly not been turned off by and I am interested in hearing more. Blood was pretty good. How will Black Widow, the band's latest effort (which arrived in my letterbox this morning) fare?

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The Countdown to SOS 2014 continues…

The SOS Festival is due for it’s 7th annual appearance at the Radcliffe Civic Centre in Manchester on the 19th and 20th July.  Since it’s beginnings back in 2008, the festival has always provided a healthy and exhilarating mix of upcoming and established bands, playing both electric and acoustic sets.  Previous …

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Girls That Scream

WWRS: You’re gearing up to the release of the video for Days Of Hysteria – can you tell us about the filming of it? TrAsh (Bassist): Sure! – Well I guess the best piece of info about this video is the location it was shot on!  It was shot on …

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Stuka Squadron – Tales Of The Ost

MP3 album  downloaded from Stuka Squadron’s website.   Review by Carl “Thunarr” Pickles   Pardon?  Are you sure about that?  OK, let me get this right… Vampires in the Luftwaffe?  They’re playing what?  NWOBHM-influenced Metal?  They’re reminiscent of Maiden, Cathedral and Manowar at their best?  What’s not to like?!   …

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Wyrd Ways Rock Show CLXV

What have we got for you this week, then? A couple of tracks from the freshly released Evile album, Five Serpents Teeth as well as new tracks from Anthrax, Van Canto and Chickenfoot. We’ve also got news for you of a very welcome return (at least as far as I’m …

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Wyrd Ways Rock Show CLXIV

It’s time for this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show!  Would you care to cast your minds back to August and the Bloodstock Festival?  You would?  Excellent.  This week’s show features interviews with Thomas G Warrior of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and now Tryptikon (to use his own words) and young up-and-comers, …

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