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Evile interview with Ben Carter, Les-Fest 2013

Ben Carter - Evile

Following the recent release of the stunning new album Skull we caught up with Evile’s Ben Carter at Les Fest 2 to talk about just what makes the band tick, life on the road and what lies ahead in the coming months. Evile are: Matt Drake – Rhythm Guitar & …

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GraViL Interview, June 2013


They recently tore the Takeover stage apart at Download, they’ve just been announced for Hammerfest VI, their debut album is going down a storm (and did too right here on Planetmosh). We caught up with GraViL’s vocalist Grant Stacey to talk about their experience so far. Hi Grant, cheers for …

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Neuronspoiler – Emergence

Neuronspoiler - Emergence

We love new bands and new metal done well here at Planetmosh and London based Neuronspoiler certainly know how to do it well if their first full length album is anything to go by.

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GraVil – Thoughts of a Rising Sun

GraVil - Thoughts of a Rising Sun

London’s GraViL are brutal and technically efficient purveyors of melodic death metal, showcased in fine form with their first full length album Thoughts of a Rising Sun. These guys remind me a lot of hearing Dead Cowboy’s Sluts last year, in such that they’ve opened my ears to a ferocity …

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Ten Tonne Dozer Interview

Shetland islanders Ten Tonne Dozer recently released a live album of their exploits on mainland Europe that I had the distinct pleasure of wrapping my lugholes around right hereon Planetmosh.  While I didn’t go all the way to the Shetlands to speak with them I did get a chance to …

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Ten Tonne Dozer – Uit de Buik Duivel te Koop

Ten Tonne Dozer, a bunch of Shetland Islanders and one mad Aussie who like to produce some mighty fine huge slabs of grooving metal, have been on the go since 2005. This latest extended EP of them performing live during their recent tour of Europe is the perfect introduction to them

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Megadeth – Super Collider

Judge it as a Megadeth album and I have a feeling the majority of 'Deth fans are more than likely going to be disappointed. Gone is the speed, the ferocity, the technicality, the balls to the wall aggressiveness of the likes of Endgame and The System Has Failed. This album is very much an extension of what was heard on Th1rte3n and also reminiscent of the style of World Needs a Hero.

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Pasadena Napalm Division – Pasadena Napalm Division

It's a waspish, angry, drunken rabble of a band throwing themselves around with an evil undercurrent. This takes you back to early days of thrash infancy. There's an aggressively punkish streak running through the whole album. There's raw power and energy here by the bucketload and the album is unsurprisingly reminiscent of DRI thanks in no small part to Brecht's vocals and style that still stand out to this day.

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Alea Jacta – The Empire Will Fall

Apparently Alea Jacta have been on the go since 1994 according to their Facebook page and hail from the sunny isle of Tenerife. With the island better known for its holiday beats than metal, the band have been trying to rectify this over the years locally with their own brand …

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Invictus – Unconquerable

At present this EP release feels like it is from a young band who still need to find their own groove and own mark of originality in what is an already very crowded genre. They have the potential here, that is without question.

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Of One Blood – Out of the Shadows

These boys have come about on the local scene in Glasgow after the split of a previous band and produce modern metal that has elements of metalcore, melodic death, progressive notes and some good old fashioned classic metal soloing.

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Tom Keifer – The Way Life Goes

This is easy-listening, good time, rock and roll at its very best, performed with great aplomb and a natural blues swagger from an artist whose maturity brings a huge richness and diversity to the tracks on this album.

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Severenth Interview – Dreadnought Bathgate, 26th April 2013

During their whistle-stop visit to Scotland at the weekend I caught up with the boys in Severenth to discuss their sound, their set, what makes them tick and just why they love doing what they do. Severenth are: Peet Bailey – Vocals Adam Sidor – Guitar Ste Ensall – Guitar …

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Dendera – The Killing Floor

UK metallers Dendera have been making waves with their classic metal style since the release of their debut EP in 2011. With support slots alongside some of metals greats such as UFO, Saxon, Orange Goblin and Ill Nino to name a few they continue to make a name for themselves …

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Voodoo Highway Interview

Voodoo Highway’s second album, Showdown, is out this month and we sat down with bassist Filippo Cavallini to get a little bit more info from them on just what makes them tick. Hi guys and thanks for taking the time to chat to us today. Before anything else, for those …

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Voodoo Highway – Showdown

Italian rockers Voodoo Highway exploded onto the scene in 2011 with their debut album “Broken Uncle’s Inn”. Two years on and their second album follows on with a slice of good time rock that brings to mind the rock scene of the late seventies and early eighties.

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Gama Bomb – The Terror Tapes

Ireland’s anarchic lads of thrash, Gama Bomb, return with a fourth album kicking and screaming that thrash lives, thrash is alive and well and hell mend anyone who says otherwise. Like an unruly younger brother they come, throwing themselves around like a whirling dervish, creating chaos, havoc and all manner …

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Stone Sour – House of Gold and Bones Part 2

After last year’s critically acclaimed return from Stone Stour, the second part to Corey Taylor’s story driven concept album arrives and carries with it a continuing maturity of the band both lyrically and musically. Concept albums are ridiculously difficult things to pull off successfully in the world of music. While …

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