Avarus – Vultures (Single)


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On 14 May 2021
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Blackpool rocks with a vulture here, not a chip robbing seagull.

So how do Blackpool based metal maniacs Avarus follow their previous single ‘In Disbelief’? Well maybe an equally over the top one should do the trick and they’ve fulfilled their ever growing potential with the recently released ‘Vultures’ It’s a touch more melodic but could still stop a charging rhino at sixty paces, point proven by the churning early Entombed like main riff that is an early statement of intent, preceded by an eerie throbbing intro.

It’s a four minute major rager of crushing heavy metalcore but eases away from being too generic as it barrels along on a bullish drum battery, earworm guitar lines that add touches of calm topped off by a clean and cathartic vocal rant to capture the subject of the song as this magnum opus closes on a bludgeoning breakdown.

‘Vultures’ is the first of two singles taken from a forthcoming seven track EP called Parellels released by Rock People Management that’s influenced by the frustration of lockdown caused by Covid-19.

Band links are here including purchase links for ‘Vultures’ :- https://www.facebook.com/avarusofficial …..https://lnkfi.re/Avarus-Vultures …..https://twitter.com/avarus_official …..https://www.instagram.com/avarus_official/ …..https://amazon.co.uk/Vultures-Avarus/dp/B08YD9DGNY/?tag=plane09-21

Avarus band line up :-

Lucas Fletcher – Guitar/Lead Vocals.

Jay Wagner – Lead Guitar.

Becky Slater – Drums.

Mikey Pilgrim – Bass Guitar/Vocals.

Blackpool rocks with a vulture here, not a chip robbing seagull.

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