Awaken Demons tell it as it is. (interview)

Ciao guys, firstly many thanks for taking time out to talk to us, you’€™ve
been together now€™ since 2007, how did it
all start?

NICK: Everything started in 2007, the idea wasn’t to be a classic hardcore band,
just to have fun, the idea was to do just  a few songs, two shows then
break up…but this project went pretty well so we kept doing shows and

Your music definitely takes no prisoners, full throttle all the way, has
this always been the bands outlook?

Nick: Yeah of course we always try to do what we like. Today you need to
catch people’s attention ,so when you write songs, you mix what you like
with what kid’s like…but of course trying to keep it real, no bullshit.

Now that the new album ‘€˜Awaken Demons’€™ is upon us, how would you say it
differs from your earlier releases?

Nick: Yes, it’s totally different…we knew it might be a good record, but it
is not 100% an Awaken Demons release…we wanted to try something
different but i guess people are still more impressed by “The Mirror”
instead of this new cd.

You’€™ve obviously taken time over this release, how long did the whole
recording process take?

Nick: We started writing it more than 1 year ago, we finished it August
2011 because Siege Of Amida were supposed to release it in January.
But in the end S.O.A.R. decided to release it this March but then they
didn’t…so fuck them!!
That’s why we are already writing new music.

What struck me about this album as well as it being a killer record is
the excellent production sound, who was behind the mixing desk and was
it someone you’€™ve worked with before?

Nick:We recorded it at a friend of mines personal studio, but  the main part has been done
by Zack Ohren from Castle Ultimate studio in California.
he’s worked with bands like:The Ghost Inside, All Shall Perish, As Blood
Runs Black, Betrayal…and more.

You also have recorded a video for the track ‘€˜Phoenix’€’, what made you
choose that song for the video?

Nick: We chose that song because it was the more hardcore song of the new
record, you know, sing along’s, fast parts…the meaning of the lyrics fit
very well with the video’s idea.

Your other video of course was the brilliant cover of  ‘Hotstepper’€™,
which really took off on you tube, why did you pick that song to cover?

NICK: Hahaha, because we were looking to cover a classic, very famous song
of the 90s. We didn’t want to cover, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga etc etc but
something really cool and fortunately we did it.

Back to the new album, what are your plans if any to tour and play the
new stuff live?

NICK: We just did a small tour with our mates in Annotations Of An
Autopsy and so far we are just playing single shows and some festivals
this summer…but we are very busy writing new stuff already.

Have you got any ideas yet for new material that you can tell us about?

Nick: I can tell you that our new songs will be the most angry, pissed,
furious, son of a bitch songs we have written since 2007. The new
songs will be a huge fuck off to all the people that have always talked
shit about us…we’re gonna put all our anger in these songs.

Finally what can fans expect to hear on the new album and how would you
describe the band to those who may not have got to listen to you before?

Nick: Our new record is something sincere, it’s heavy, melodic and might get into our lyrics too. It’s something ,you might love it or
hate it but is def something we made with our heart for the people that
always supported us.

Once again, many thanks for your time and we wish you well with the new

Simon Bower.


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