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On 23 March 2016
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They're the hottest band of the past 24 months and there's no sign of slowing down at all. In fact, Babymetal are showing more Metal Resistance than ever.

They say it takes a lifetime to write your first album and 18 months to write the second. Given the overwhelming reaction to Babymetal’s self-titled debut, the pressure the girls, their backing Kami band and management would have been under to produce a second of the same quality must have bordered on the ridiculous (this is, of course, now a band who sell out venues in their own country quicker than One Direction). Released via earMUSIC on April 1st, now dubbed ‘Fox Day’ to tie in with the ‘Fox God’ storyline the band abide by, Metal Resistance has to respond to one big question: Are Babymetal more than just a flash in the pan?

The answer? Well, yes. In fact, fuck yes.

The two opening tracks are nothing new; ‘Road of Resistance’ is a power metal extravaganza featuring Herman Li and Sam Totman from Dragonforce and has been around for a good 18 months now whilst ‘KARATE’, with its colossal riff and massive arena chorus, was released a few weeks ago. What’s wonderful though is that the other ten tracks present are even more impressive. From the synth-pop drive of ‘YAVA!’ to the battle metal feel of ‘Meta Taro’, this is far bigger than its predecessor and a real statement of intent that Babymetal are here to stay. Lead vocalist Su-metal has matured massively, her voice far stronger than before and beautifully carrying ‘Amore’ from start to finish, whilst both Yuimetal and Moametal sound even cheekier, their trading lines on the nu-metal influenced ‘GJ!’ helping it bounce along in a way only Korn and Limp Bizkit have managed in the past. Best of all though is ‘No Rain, No Rainbow’, a power ballad that threatens to upstage even the best of Leppard and Whitesnake (seriously, it’s that good). Oh, and the girls’ English lessons have paid off handsomely, because their diction on closing track ‘THE ONE’ is so immaculate there are even Brits with uni degrees who can’t speak as well.

In some ways, this album is a nightmare, but only to the so-called ‘elitists’ who might have hoped that Babymetal would fall by the wayside and fade into obscurity. Instead, they’ve pulled the rabbit out of the hat once again. Good golly.


Su-metal – sing, dance
Moametal – scream, dance
Yuimetal – scream, dance

Track listing

Road of Resistance
Awadama Fever
Meta Taro
Sis. Anger
No Rain, No Rainbow
Tales of the Destinies
THE ONE (English version)


They're the hottest band of the past 24 months and there's no sign of slowing down at all. In fact, Babymetal are showing more Metal Resistance than ever.

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