Bad For Lazarus announce single release ‘7 Minute Itch’ with guest vocalist Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

Bad for Lazarus with Liela + TobyBad for Lazarus have announced they will be releasing a live track from their debut album ‘Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang! The album was released earlier this year and earned them exceptional appraise. Stand out track ‘7 Minute Itch’ features the sweet vocals of Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit which adds to the track’s allure, complementing the band’s vibrancy and diversity.

The single has been described by Rawramp as: “smoky and asphyxiating. It has a thick bar-room mugginess to it. The rattle of the rhythm and the sleazy attitude will keep you awake at night. And that chorus is insidious. It creeps into your brain. It will not let go”

Rich Fownes discloses “We have a rule in the band that we don’t touch lyrical clichés . A song about a turbulent girlfriend would usually top that list… but what I experienced was a little out of the ordinary. I don’t know why she wanted me to be there so much, except to berate and control me, but the aforementioned nutcase kept me around with constant suicide threats if I looked like I was leaving for the night. When I finally broke free and called her bluff I got 150 (no joke) texts a day. They ranged from waffling apologies to fierce and direct threats on my life.
Obviously with the sentiments and the sound of the song it needed to be sung by a girl. Luckily we happen to be friends with the most talented and individual female vocalist in the country, and possibly the world, Liela Moss. I still can’t believe she said yes. She can be found guesting with rock royalty, so it’s very humbling to have her take part in our adventure.”

The band will also be releasing a live video for this single featuring Liela Moss and Toby Butler from The Duke Spirit. The video gives fans some insight into what they should expect from the BFL live shows.

In addition to this track, Bad For Lazarus present their album version of ‘7 Minute Itch’ along with brand new track ‘Appetites’ To be released 24th November on 1234 Records.

Liela Moss describes Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang! as “excellent, rocking sexy pot of evil jazzcore hardness”

Bad for Lazarus continue to kick up an alchemic storm, see them play: 24th November at The Black Heart, Camden.

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