BADGERFEST Live Raffle Giveaway

Badgerfest Live Raffle Giveaway!

Kicking off the year with a giveaway for the fans, Badgerfest is teasing their time with the next batch of announcements. Taking place at The Bread Shed in Manchester, the delayed fourth edition is set to be a belter with over 30 bands on two stages across three days with weekend tickets at only £30!

The live stream will take place this Sunday, 24th January on Facebook at 6 pm – however, all entries must be purchased by 5 pm!

The lineup so far:
Foetal Juice // Raging Speedhorn // Agvirre // Ashen Crown // Ashen Reach // Ascaris // Beyond Grace // Bloodoath // Borders // Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters // Clashmute // Dygora // Elyrean // Everest Queen // Godeater // Harbinger // Iron Altar // Netherhall // PIST // Ramage Inc. // Redeye Revival // Red Method // Scare Tactics // The Brood // Tortured Dmon // Vice // Zebedy


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