Badgerfest – New years additions!

Taking the lineup for the 2021 edition up to 30, Badgerfest welcomes KING WITCH, THE INJESTER, GRIEF RITUAL, and BRUTEALLIES!

King Witch – Old school doom metal & the meatiest of 70’s classic rock from Edinburgh.
The Injester – The masked seven-piece are bringing nightmares to life with their macabre circus display.
Grief Ritual – Blackened hardcore band, from the South West, that combine elements of heavy hardcore, black metal, post-Metal and grindcore.
BruteAllies – Metal band combining modern thrash metal with a technical edge from Manchester.

And there’s still more to come including Saturday nights headliner!

However the lineup IS full, applications are not open and the rest of the lineup with be announced all in good time!

Friday 15-17 October 2021 – The Bread Shed Manchester – £30
The lineup so far:
Foetal Juice // Raging Speedhorn // Ramage Inc. // Harbinger // Borders // King Witch // Godeater // Red Method // Pist // Bloodoath // Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters // Zebedy // Dygora // Ascaris // Redeye Revival // Ashen Crown // Everest Queen // Agvirre // Vice // Beyond Grace // The Brood // Netherhall // Clashmute // The Injester // Scare Tactics // Iron Altar  // Tortured Demon // Grief Ritual // BruteAllies // Elyrean // Ashen Reach

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