BAI BANG-Livin My Dream cd

This is the 7th release (sixth if you exclude the 2006 “best of” album) from Swedish rock band BAI BANG and carries on nicely from their last outing, “Are you ready” released in 2009, that record was nominated for the best “Sleeze/Glam record” in the Swedish metal awards, and “The best all round party anthem album of the year” by the Australian magazine “The Rockpit”, an award i don’t fully understand ha ha.
Anyway, this release had a lot to live up to, and im happy to say, it delivers.
The album gets off to a full on rock attack, the first track, “We’re united” skips any gentle intro and kicks straight in at full power, setting the scene for the rest of the cd.
“Livin’ my dream” has an almost thrash riff going on at the start, but the vocals soon calm things down, and then we all join in singing along to the chorus, this is one of my favorite songs on this cd.
“Come on” has a great catchy chorus, with a throwback to the late 80s, It really does make you think how Bon Jovi are still as big as they are, writing the crap songs that they currently do, when bands like BAI BANG can beat then hands down at there own game, indeed this song could have been on the “slippery when wet” record.
“Rock on” has a Def Leppard sound and feel to it, Pyromania era, and so it goes on, this is an accomplished record, never groundbreaking, just good catchy tunes.
This record should appeal to all fans of AOR/Rock music, with the odd slightly heavy tune thrown in for good measure, very much in the Bon Jovi/Def Leppard/Ratt mould.
At 35 minutes long, its no masterpiece, and I was hoping for a few more songs, but 10 songs per cd seem to be the norm at the moment, regardless of the length of the songs.

Bai Bang are:

Diddi Kastenholt Vocals
Pelle Eliaz Lead Guitar
Joacim Sandin Bass
Johnny Benson – Drums

Track listing:

1. We’re united
2. Livin’ my dream
3. Come on
4. Rock on
5. Stay
6. Gonna have it all
7. Tonight
8. Rock it
9. Die for you
10. Put on her dress

Livin My Dream is out on the 27th July on AOR HEAVEN


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