BC Bass Relay inteview with Charles Tibbles & Donald Campbell

Sportsters_BC Bass Relay-9It’s not often we have a special event on in Falkirk, however tonight we got to witness the handover of The Purple Beauty‘ at the end of this stage in the BC Bass Relay*.

I spoke to Charles Tibbles and Donald Campbell about the Bass Relay, who and where The Purple Beauty’ has been already, what antics it got up to with Charlie & The Tonkerers in Islay!, where it is off to next and how Bassist’s can get in touch if they are willing to take part in the relay.

The bass is now on its way to Northampton as it will be appearing at the Midlands Bass Bash this Saturday, 10th May. For more details click here.

Sportsters_BC Bass Relay-5*The BC Bass Relay is a “relay race” between the members of the web forum “Basschat“. BassChat is the largest online community of bass players and enthusiasts outside of the states.

The relay itself will see the bass travel around the country (and possibly abroad) raising money for Cancer Research UK and for the site.

It all started in mid-January 2013 in Portsmouth, when bassist James Ryan, a member of online bass players’ forum basschat.co.uk, decided to put his old bass guitar to good use for charity. With the help of fellow forum members – especially Milton Graham, for whom the cause has personal relevance – the Basschat Relay came into existence.

The concept is simple, one bassist has the bass and uses it. For example, at a gig, for a music video, for a webcast, studio session, TV performances, etc, etc, you get the picture. When a new member takes the bass, he/she makes a donation, uses the bass and then passes it on to the next member and it starts again.

Since the start in Portsmouth, the bass has travelled the country, most recently appearing at the Proms in the Gardens event at Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. It has been played by famous musicians such as Rhino of Status Quo, Yolanda Charles and Steve Lawson, as well as less well known bassists. It’s still on the move and not planning to stop any time soon.

Not only the members using the bass will be donating to the cause, we’ll also be relying on the general public and encouraging anyone that sees the bass in action to donate too. After all, it’s for a good cause.

Charles Tibbles goes paddling at the Isle of Islay
Charles Tibbles goes paddling at the Isle of Islay

To make a donation simply visit: www.justgiving.com/BCrelay  or alternatively, you can text “BASS98” to 70070 followed by your amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10).




The Tonkerers play every Sunday night at Sporsters in Falkirk .




Sportsters_BC Bass Relay-3


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