Beissert – ‘Darkness Devil Death’

BeissertDresden’s Beissert may be deeply steeped in Satanism but they have the ballsy bravura needed to take their belief system out of what would many would regard as the traditional format for ‘black metal’ and take it to a new dimension, combining groove metal, industrial and thrash in a way which is disturbing and twisted but also weirdly effective.

Built on thumping blastbeats and staccato guitar riffs, this is at times a cathartic experience but one which is also strangely energizing and enervating, not least because of its challenging combination of musical styles.

Think Volbeat mixed with The Haunted…


Thy Chthonic Cathedral / DarknessDevilDeath / Age Ov Darkness / Zorn Der Geister / My Path Shall Be Your Wrath / Perm Trias / I Am The Lore / Do What Thou Wilt / DXXXV / De profundis Clamavi / Die Diamantenen Tore Der Hoelle [Polaris]





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