Ben Savage, Hospital Food – Interview, September 2014

.@louelladeville_ @planetmosh interview with Ben Savage singer/bassist from #HospitalFood

Hospital Food supported Slaughter and the Dogs at Warehouse 23, Wakefield last month. I didn’t get chance to interview the bands on the day but here are some questions I put to Ben Savage by email afterwards. Find out a bit more about the band, how they came by the name, the inspiration for their songs etc.

Hospital Food
Hospital Food

Whose idea was it to form the band?

It was originally Nathan and Scoffa’s (ex frontman) idea. They knew that I (Ben) played a bit of Bass and we managed to get a drummer too.

How did you choose the name?

Scoffa chose it if I remember rightly. It comes from an old football chant “OI! YOU WANT SOME F*****G HOSPITAL FOOD!?” and also because actual food in hospitals is crap!

Who writes the lyrics/music?

Some of the older songs were written by Scoffa and Kev (our former drummer) but now Ben & Nathan write the songs. Rob also contributes ideas with backing vocals and harmonies that have really helped boost our sound since he joined the band around a year ago.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Life, everyday situations, injustice within the world, musicians and bands I’ve grown up admiring.

Where/when was your first gig?

Harrogate supporting The Abrasive Wheels in 2009 I think?

How has the band evolved since that first show?

Well I was only 18/19 when Hospital Food first did a show and didn’t have much experience of playing live in front of an audience, so was very nervous. Now I don’t even get stage fright! Nath always laughs about how my collection of Tattoos has grown a lot since the band started and how I’ve gone from having skinny white arms to now heavily tattooed arms Ha Ha! As a band we have gotten better at writing songs, playing live and we hope to keep getting better and better.

What’s the best gig you have played?

Ha Ha too many to mention, for me, though I have enjoyed the past year of gigging since Rob joined on drums. The general feel and vibe of the band is better than ever, we have a good laugh and we have had a lot of good feedback from people who have seen us right from the start saying that we are better than ever by a long shot now.

If you could open for any act, past or present, who would it be and why?

Motorhead! Just because it would mean I could meet Lemmy! Also Rancid as they were very influential for me when I first got into punk! Stiff Little Fingers also!

What’s your on stage drink of choice and why?

Jack & Coke because it’s what I drink.

To someone who has never heard of Hospital Food how would you describe the band?

Ha Ha I’d say we were something along the lines of “Melodic Punk.” I find it hard to categorize us to be honest as our songs vary in sound and style a lot. Answers on a postcard.

Which other bands would you say you are similar to?

One Direction Ha Ha

Which up and coming bands would you recommend fans of Hospital Food to listen to/go and see?

There are so many decent young and new bands we see and are mates with! Stone cold Kill, The Dead Beats, The Krayons to name a few off the top of my head!

Is music a career or something you do for pleasure?

Pleasure, but id love to be able to play in Hospital Food and be well known enough to earn a living wage from it, maybe one day ☺

What would you say are the perks of being in a band?

Meeting other bands, playing to people & having fun! Also when people you don’t know come to see you and they like you, they buy CDs and merch! Money is tight now days, so if people wish to spend their hard earned money on your music then it shows you must be doing something right. It’s a good feeling.

What, if any, are the disadvantages?

None I can think of

When you become famous and you’re headlining who would you want to open for you?

When? More of an “If” Ha Ha! Some really good local bands & bands ive never seen. I enjoy discovering new bands that ive never seen before!

What have the band got planned in the near future in terms of gigs/festivals/new material?

Give us a “like” on Facebook for all gig information and news on new material etc.

Any final message?

Cheers to everyone who’s supported us! Your all fantastic! Keep supporting your local scene! Keep supporting your local bands and local venues! ☺

Thank you to Ben from Hospital Food for taking the time to answer my questions.

Hospital Food
Hospital Food

Hospital Food are:

Band Members:
Ben “Stalker” Savage- Bass n Vocals!
Nathan “Sausage Fingers” Seaton- Guitar and Vocals!
Rob “Van Driver” Killingbeck – Drums



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