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On 25 March 2017
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Four amazing servings of Blackened Doom on one Metal platter





Four piece Bereft release an amazing four track album in the form of ‘Lands’


I just love the myriad of sub genres that Metal throws up, and Blackened Doom is one of my favourites. To be fair it’s possibly nothing new , the two genres can fit together nicely and make for good bedfellows when executed well, and Bereft do a better job than anyone


You tend to raise an eyebrow when you hear that four tracks constitutes  being called an album as opposed to an E.P. but of course when we’re dancing with Doom a track can be longer than the daylight hours themselves sometimes. The word that came to mind upon hearing ‘Lands’ for the first time was ‘dynamic’, and after many subsequent listening sessions I have no reason to change my mind. From the opening anguished and tormented screams of ‘We Wept’, with its oppressive and suffocating riff, you know you’re in for a journey. Melting as it does into soaring clean vocal backed by crushing guitar work, it’s an opening track to chill the blood, and serve as a gateway to another dark and mysterious musical world that few have seen before. With a Spring tour coming up (dates below) this must sound absolutely immense live


The band have been working up to this moment since 2011, and that patience and hard work has paid off big time with this release. As the monster that is ‘The Ritual’ stomps into your psyche, you have to pinch yourself and remember that this is a debut album, such is the level they have attained . And when you think things couldn’t get any darker and dismal, along comes ‘In Filth’ at funeral pace, bludgeoning your senses to a pulp before closing track ‘Waning Light’ floats you away like the final breath of life, incredible stuff

Probably not likely to be played at any wedding party in the foreseeable future, ‘Lands’ is a polished gemstone waiting to be discovered. If you like Doom/Black/Underground Metal you will lap this up for sure

Recommended Track – ‘We Wept’

‘Lands’ sees its release via Prosthetic Records on the 31st of March


Track Listing ;

We Wept

The Ritual

In Filth

Waning Light


Bereft Line Up;

Zach Johnson – Vocals/Guitar

Alex Linden – Vocals/Guitar

Cade Gentry – Bass

Jerry McDougal – Drums



Four amazing servings of Blackened Doom on one Metal platter

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