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Beth Hart

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On 30 September 2019
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great songs, beautiful lyrics and amazing vocals

Beth Hart releases her latest album on 27th September. It’s produced by Rob Cavallo (Green day, My Chemical romance, Goo goo dolls etc) and her fans will no doubt have a pretty good idea what to expect – top quality blues from a woman with arguably the best blues voice around.

With Beth Hart the song writing is always very personal and intimate – she really does feel like she’s baring her soul in some of the songs

Check out opening track, “Bad woman blues”..

The title track is one of the songs where Beth plays piano and sings rather than purely singing or playing guitar. Check out “War in my mind”..

Both those songs, and “War in my mind” in particular, show off her powerful vocals and her songwriting skills, and that’s what you can expect from the rest of the album too – great songs, beautiful lyrics and amazing vocals. There is however one song that I’m really not a fan of – “Sugar shack”. It’s just got a strange pop feel to it as though someone’s stripped away the original music and replaced it with a lightweight pop version. The chorus in particular is really poppy and quite unlike anything I’ve heard from Beth Hart before. With the exception of this song though the album is fantastic.

Track listing:

1. Bad woman blues
2. War in my mind
3. Without words in the way
4. Let it grow
5. Try a little harder
6. Sister dear
7. Spanish lullabies
8. Rub me for luck
9. Sugar shack
10. Woman down
11. Thankful
12. I need a hero

great songs, beautiful lyrics and amazing vocals

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