Big Boy Bloater & The Limits – Luxury hobo

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Big boy bloater & the limits

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On 19 February 2016
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An absolutely superb album

This album from Big Boy Bloater may get listed as a Blues album, but I think it’s more rock and roll than Blues.  It’s got a sound that draws from fairly equally both Blues and Rock’n’Roll, so there’s plenty to appeal to quite a wide range of people.  The gravelly vocals sound great and really convey emotion well.  The music is excellent too, and the songwriting is simply superb.  I’ve been listening to this album a lot and it just gets better and better with every listen.

The album kicks off with “Devils not angels” which definitely has a strong rock and roll feel to it.  It’s a fast paced song and the power of the guitars and drums mixes with the warm Hammond organ sound to create a lovely blend of sounds.

One of my favourite tracks is the excellent “It came out of the swamp”.  Have a watch of the video and hear for yourself just how good it is.

“Robot girlfriend” is the second video to be released from the album.  Personally it’s my least favourite song on the album – it’s good but I just prefer the other songs, so if you like this one then you are going to love the album.

This album and the Supersonic Blues Machine album between them have been listened to a lot this year – both are stunningly good and are excellent purchases, but if I had to pick one of them to recommend then it would be “Luxury Hobo” – an absolutely superb album.

“Luxury hobo” will be released on 26th February on Provogue records

Track listing:

1. Devils not angels
2. It came out of the swamp
3. I love you (but I can’t stand your friends)
4. The Devil’s tail
5. I got the feeling someone’s watching me
6. Luxury hobo blues
7. Robot girlfriend
8. All things considered
9. Not cool man

An absolutely superb album

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