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On January 25, 2016
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5 songs that highlight the songwriting maturity of high rising heavy rockers Bigfoot. A band with a big future ahead of them.


I first saw Wigan based Bigfoot a mere few months after they had formed when they played a short set at the SOS Festival in Manchester, July 2014. Even then their song writing suss was evident and on seeing them a few times since at Wildfire Festival and Bloodstock Festival, they have sharpened their stagecraft to the point of getting rapturous receptions from both audiences. Many more dates have been planned for 2016 and their brand new Stone Soldiers EP (due for release on Jan.30th 2016) contains 5 slices of commercially heavy rock. It will be available for £4 via with an official launch party at the Boulevard in Wigan on said release date.

Opening track ‘Stone Soldiers’ eases in with acoustic guitar over deft touches of electric as the hard and heavy choppy riffs surge in bringing to mind early Thunder. The first of many soulful and powerful lead vocal deliveries from Antony Ellis burst in and a raging wah wah guitar solo midway gets the EP off to a strong start. ‘In The Gutter’ eases the foot off the accelerator slightly with rock radio assured early Van Halen like catchy rock. The thudding rhythms and wistful midsection add up to another future set pleaser.

Another instantly memorable main riff  dominates the crunching ‘Run’, bolstered by an intense group vocal during the choruses. ‘Just Like Me’ begins with a howl of guitar feedback and throbbing bass guitar with its bouncy beats and big hooks making it my highlight of the EP. A lush melodic midsection leads into a riff heavy finish to add icing on the cake. Closing track ‘Blame It On The Dog’ brings Stone Soldiers to a quirky finish with a 5 minute plus heavy blues jam with everything seemingly thrown into the melting pot proven by its marching beat like riffs and a stripped down funky midsection containing deft touches of guitar and twin leads from Mick McCullagh and Sam Millar. The full on drum driven metal finish and Antony’s finest vocal add to its class.

Bigfoot band line up :-

Antony Ellis – Lead vocals.

Mick McCullagh – Guitars.

Sam Millar – Guitars.

Tom Aspinall – Drums.

Matt Avery – Bass guitar.

Stone Soldiers EP track listing :-

Stone Soldiers.

In The Gutter.


Just Like Me.

Blame It On The Dog.

5 songs that highlight the songwriting maturity of high rising heavy rockers Bigfoot. A band with a big future ahead of them.

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