Billy Idol – O2 Academy, Glasgow – 13/06/2015

Despite the doors opening an hour later than advertised, when Billy Idol finally hit the stage, all was forgiven, as he played a stunning two hour set. From the punk era of Generation X hits hit “Ready Steady Go” through to his current stuff like “Postcards From The Past” via the 80’s with songs like “Dancing With Myself”, “White Wedding”, “Rebel Yell” and the ever popular sing-along “Mony Mony” Idol and side kick Steve Stevens put on a great show, the interplay between them both showed just what a special friendship they have. At times Steve and Billy seemed inseparable, the on stage communication between the two throughout the whole show showed off the special friendship they share. Billy was certainly enjoying the show, he was very engaging with the audience and they lapped it up.
It was certainly an energetic show, Billy was singing, dancing, playing the acoustic guitar on the “Sweet Sixteen”, sharing stories and even changing his tops much to his female fans delight. For the record, as a woman, when Billy sings “Rebel Yell” he does not need a top, trousers are enough – Billy proved it himself. He is a very confident and solid rock star, who does neither look his age, nor struggles with his voice, he is still looks very fit and his vocal is still strong and well, brilliant as ever. The most important thing of it all – he makes people dance and sing along: truly enjoying the music he makes.

Billy Idol


The start of the gig was a little ruined by sound issues’s at first, however it still rocked the hell out of the Glasgow! Billy Idol is always worth seeing live as the guy gives a lot to his fans: all this great energy, a legendary back catalogue of hits, and some fantastic new rocking ones. This Glasgow concert was sold out, as is nearly the rest of the tour, so if you can, get tickets for the other dates, you will not be dissapointed.




Billy Idol setlist:
1. Postcards From The Past
2. Cradle Of Love
3. Can’t Break Me Down
4. Dancing With Myself
5. Flesh For Fantasy
6. Save Me Now
7. Ready Steady Go
8. Sweet Sixteen
9. Eyes Without A Face
10. L.A. Woman
11. Whiskey And Pills
12. Blue Highway
13. Rebel Yell

White Wedding
Mony Mony


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