Biohazard, King Tut’s, Glasgow 1/2/12

Biohazard playing the legendary King Tut’s in Glasgow is a perfect way to kick start a chilly February.

On the bill were Dripback, Lionheart and Heights; however I only managed to see Dripback, hear the first song by Lionheart and last 2 songs by the Heights due to interviews, along with the full hour of Biohazard!


Dripback opened up the nights proceedings and took to the stage as the venue started to fill up, they had a lot of fans there from the start. Vocalist Wez stalked around the stage like a man possessed.  They played a powerful set with songs ‘Hold Your Horses’, ‘Kick Out Time’ and ‘No God No Master’ from their debut EP ‘Inhaling The Ashes’ .

They had a few problems Wez’s mic cut out and he had to swap mics mid song, whilst Luca had an issue with his guitar, however this did not deter the guys in anyway and they just kept playing and while they quickly fixed the problems.


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Waiting for Biohazard to take the stage, after performances from Lionheart and Heights, King Tut’s is nearly full; you can feel the anticipation and excitement in the air.

Biohazard are back and raring to go with Scott Roberts at the helm and Danny Lamagna, the fantastic drummer from Sworn Enemy standing in for Danny Schuler, who is currently back home with his wife and new born son. Congratulations to Danny and his family.  

They kicked off the night with a firm crowd favourite ‘Urban Discipline’ then straight into ‘What Makes Us Tick’, it was only a matter of time before Billy Graziadei is at the barrier then climbing on a fan’s shoulders to be walked around the crowd whilst he plays, we expect no less from him ;)

‘Chamber Spins Three’ see the crowd having a blast before they play ‘Reborn’ from their brilliant new album that came out last month ‘Reborn in Defiance’ is sounding amazing live. The guys on stage are bouncing, spinning, running about in superb style.

‘Black’, ‘DFL’ and ‘Retribution’ whip the crowd up into a bouncing frenzy before they treat us to two more of the new songs ‘Come Alive’ and ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ about half the crowd are singing along so I’ll hazard a guess that the album has been well received by the fans!

During the Set Billy asks Matt, their tour manager for some beer to hand out to the crowd, the reply is it’s on it way! After the next song they hand out some beer and the ones who managed to get one all joined in and raised a glass to toast the Danny Schuler and family!

‘Love Denied’ see’s the pit go wild and the last two songs of this hour long set ‘Punishment’ and ‘Hold My Own’ bring the night to a frenzied finished seeing Billy balancing on the barrier and being held up by the crowd whilst they finished off the set.

Biohazard played a great set with a good mix of songs from Biohazard, Urban Discipline, State of the World Address albums as well as three songs from their new one ‘Reborn in Defiance’

It was a superb night Dripback and Biohazard played solid, tight and stunning sets. It’s great to see old skool band like Biohazard still ruling as they rip up King Tut’s, I am already looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon. Only downside was I missed Lionheart and Heights and that Biohazard was only on for an hour, but what an hour that was \m/

Biohazard Setlist

Urban Discipline

What Makes Us Tick

Chamber Spins Three


Black and White and Red All Over

Down For Life


Come Alive

Vengeance Is Mine

Shades of Grey

Howard Beach

Love Denied


Hold My Own


Interview with Bobby Hambel from Biohazard

Interview with Wez, Lee and Luca from Dripback



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