BLACK CROWN INITIATE release new video for ‘The Fractured One’

Fast-rising progressive death metallers BLACK CROWN INITIATE are pleased to announce the new video for the technically brutal ‘The Fractured One‘. The track is taken from the band’s critically acclaimed debut LP The Wreckage of Stars, described by Metal Hammer as “full-on sledgehammer brutality… pretty impressive for a band that’s been around for just two years”.

Watch the video for ‘The Fractured One’ here:

Perhaps the strongest new album from the strongest new outfit you shall hear all year, The Wreckage of Stars is the next step in the whirlwind musical journey Pennsylvanian band.

BLACK CROWN INITIATE  The Wreckage of StarsFollowing on from the critically acclaimed underground success of the band’s debut four-track concept EP Song of the Crippled Bull, the band secured a coveted spot on the renowned Metal Alliance Tour alongside the legendary Goatwhore and Behemoth. Since then, Black Crown Initiate have gone on to tour with Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Rivers of Nihil, all the while honing their musical blueprint.

Highly recommended for any fans of progressive metal, The Wreckage of Stars is the album to set Black Crown Initiate on what promises to be a long and highly fulfilling journey.

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