Blaze Bayley, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow 8/5/12

I was looking forward to tonight’s gig at Ivory Blacks as I’ve not seen Mair play in ages and I was definitely looking forward to hearing some of the new tracks played live from Blaze’s latest album ‘The King Of  Metal’ that was released in March this year.

When I arrived at Ivory’s Mair where just starting to set up on stage. They kicked off their set with the ballsy track ‘Prizefighter’ before launching into ‘Ace’ with its guitar wail start before filling the room with lots of lovely heavy groove metal. Whilst the guitarists Davy and Andy pull off some rocking riffs, Miranda their bassist bounces around the stage hardly ever keeping still for more than a few seconds at a time. Den is beating out powerful beats from behind his kit, while Del heavy-duty vocals commands your attention, they serve up a foot stomping, head banging great style and sound.

After ‘Burndoubt’ they played a new song titled ‘RIP’ I have admit it’s great, it’s packed full of all the usual Mair features with a nice twist! They only had 2 tracks left in their set ‘Pride and Pain’, ‘The Quick and the Bled’ before they left the stage.  Both the tracks went down well and their full set sounded fantastic. Definitely check these guys and gal out!


Pride and Pain
The Quick and the Bled


Blaze’s set is starts off  with ‘Will to Win’ before they play ‘Lord Of The Flies’ both these songs set go down well with the crowd and see the majority of people singing and bouncing along. Blaze is balancing on the barrier interacting and chatting with the crowd in between songs as well as encouraging us to sing along during the songs.

The first new track to be played is ‘Dimebag’ which is dedicated to Dimebag Darrell, RIP. The lyrics are based around what happened on the night the Dimebag was shot and killed while on stage during a Damageplan performance on December 8, 2004, at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio also that he will never be forgotten. Its melodic pace and emotional lyrics make this track spine tingling. It’s followed up by ‘Ghost in the Machine’

Blaze talks about ‘The King Of Metal’ song and album being “Dedicated to the true kings of Metal – the fans.” Then they play the .The King Of Metal’ which sounds fantastic live. Next up is the ‘Silicon Messiah’ then ‘Fate’ another new track that has a superb foot stamping beat, guitar work and very catchy chorus. The next two tracks ‘The Brave‘ and ‘Faceless‘ go down great as well.

For some reason the song ‘The Clansman’ goes down a treat tonight, hmm maybe because he’s playing it in Scotland as well as it being an awesome track. The crowd is singing and headbanging along with fists raised in the air this continues throughout ‘Man on the Edge’ and ‘Future Real’.

We also got an extra song added in the sublime ‘Stare at the Sun’ before they bring their superb set to a close with ‘Leap of Faith’. After the show Blaze was over at the merch stand selling items as well signing items and happily posing for pictures with his of fans.

I have followed Blaze for years from early Wolfsbane through his time in Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley Band and back again to Wolfsbane, and no matter what life throws at him and he has had more than his fair share of downs as well as up, he always continues to deliver a superb performance.

His new band members are magnificent performers Claudio Tirincanti the powerhouse on drums, brilliant bassist Lehmann, guitar maestro Thomas Zwijsen as well as Andrea Neri skilful guitar work; help Blaze deliver the best music to his fans. They perform a tight, powerful set full of soaring riff, blistering bass lines, driving drums combined with Blaze’s dynamic and distinctive voice, what’s not to like!



Will to Win

Lord Of The Flies

The Launch


Ghost in the Machine

The King of Metal

Silicon Messiah


The Brave



Man on the Edge

Future Real

Stare at the Sun

Leap of Faith



Band members

Blaze Bayley – vocals

Thomas Zwijsen – guitar

Andrea Neri – guitar

Lehmann (Matteo Grazzini) – bass

Claudio Tirincanti – drums





Blaze Bayley


For more pictures taken at the gig click here



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