Blood Red Throne – The Liverpool Masque 03/05/2011 (Gig)

Welcome to Whiplash Promotions presenting Blood Red Throne

Opening up tonight’s proceedings London based metalers Oblivionized.

Obliterating the arriving crowd with a heavy, almost industrial brand of Technical Death Grind.

With vocalist Zac Broughton seeming to grow in stature with each guttural blistering song, Oblivionized start tonight’s proceedings off with an ear destroying bang.

Playing a set largely comprising of material drawn from the upcoming “Advent of Evolution” e.p Oblivionized came, saw and conquered.

I look forward to hearing the e.p when it is released.

* * *

Following on we have DäM.

Rapidly gathering a cult following this London based avant-garde death metalers face a tough task following on from the destructive power of Oblivionized, but they set about the job with the calm composure that you are used too with this band.

Playing a superbly balanced set, DäM play a seemingly effortless, seamless set (complete with Cockney banter thrown in for good measure).

Highlight of the set: Spiritual.

* * *

Next up we have Liverpool based black metal monsters Diamanthian who bring an almost dark, gothic feel to tonight’s proceedings ~ very low lights, dry ice and a deep darkened atmosphere remind you of anyone’s stage persona ?

In Diamanthian, you have a band that have had comparisons to the likes of Deicide, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel and Death to name but a few bands.

This is a band which if they continue along their current course, are destined for the same type of success as the bands they are often compared too (if not greater).

They have already played the mighty Hammerfest, but where next for this band – the holy grail that is Wacken ??

Tonight’s set was flawless in planning and execution and I can’t wait until the next time I have the pleasure of seeing them.

** *

Ending tonight’s show are headliners Blood Red Throne

Spawned back in 1998 when Død, and original guitarist ,Tchort left Satyricon BRT have gone from strength to strength with each passing year.

Playing one of only three UK dates tonight is a very rare treat for the people of Liverpool and a big kudos goes out to Sal and The Masque for making this happen.

Opening track Smite sets the scene for a night of old school death metal from Norway’s greatest export.

Playing a greatest hits set BRT could do no wrong tonight providing a spell bindingly dark set leaving the crowd wanting more.

Highlight of the set: The Light, The Hate (from their 2009 “Souls of Damnation” release).

Set List:

Unleashing Hell
The Light, The Hate
Incarnadine Mangler
Chaos Rising
Arterial Lust
The Children Shall Endure
Taste of God

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