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Blues Pills – Queens Hall, Nuneaton – 16/11/2013

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On November 17, 2013
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Honestly, if you've missed them play this time around, make sure you don't next time or you'll be very sorry to have done so.

My first time at Queens Hall, what an amazing place, and a first meeting with the guys and lady of Blues Pills.

Elin Larsson
Elin LarssoMy first time at Queens Hall ( what an amazing place ) and a first meeting with the guys and lady of Blues Pills.

Coming out onto the main stage, this group of young musicians looked completely at ease as they set about getting ready for their first gig of only two venues in the UK, before they embark on an eleven date tour of Australia on the 21st of November.

Not an over filled room on the night greeted them, but with polite applause from the crowd the band started off the set with ‘Bliss‘, followed by the great sound of ‘Dig In‘ and Elin absolutely belted out the track ‘Devilman‘ to everyone’s delight.

I was thinking to my self that while down stairs some folks were watching a good tribute band playing, upstairs in the main room we were instead watching music history being made right before our eyes. I believe without doubt that this group will become a name to remember in the future.


Dorian Sorriaux
Dorian Sorriaux and Cory Berry

The flickering fingers of Dorian’s hands seemed to be just lightly brushing the strings of his guitar and had the entire room mesmerized. Yet his concentration was cloaked by the totally cool and calm almost dreamy look on his face throughout the set.

He made the instrument talk in a way I’ve not seen or heard for so long, and at one point I really thought that at any moment Eric Clapton would have stepped out from behind a speaker and wowed us all, he’s really that good! Even Zack on bass guitar and Cory on the drums just appeared to breeze through each song with such a chilled out professional ease that would be envied by some.

Meanwhile the diminutive Elin was doing her utmost to burst our ear drums with one of the most powerful singing voice’s a young woman could ever possibly posses! A great combination of young people who make Blues Pills a phenomenon of 2013.

Zack Anderson
Zack Anderson

Tonight they had taken me right back in time to my own rockin days in the late 70’s, when I used to sneak into my local gigs ( under age I might add! ) and rock out with all the older guys until my head nearly fell off.

What a great nostalgic night they gave us this evening, and what a massive salute it was to all that had gone before that this young modern group want to emulate their rock hero’s of old. But the one factor that separates them from some groups is, they are most definitely not a tribute band in any form.

They’ve taken great time to sit down and write/compose their own songs and scores in an old blues/rock style, and made a bloody excellent job of it too!

Honestly, if you’ve missed them play this time around, make sure you don’t next time or you’ll be very sorry to have done so.

Set list:

  • Bliss
  • Dig In
  • Devilman
  • Little Sun
  • Little Sun, Part 2
  • Astralplane
  • Black Smoke


Blues Pills – Queens Hall, Nuneaton – 16/11/2013Band Members:

Elin Larsson – Vocals
Cory Berry – Drums
Dorian Sorriaux – Guitar
Zack Anderson – Bass






Honestly, if you've missed them play this time around, make sure you don't next time or you'll be very sorry to have done so.

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