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Brocarde announces new single plans and more!

Compelling modern rock artiste’s distinctive sophomore single, Love me ’til I’m beautiful, will be revealed on Friday 14th February.

Delving in the realms of both music and fashion, charismatic British songstress BROCARDE merges these two diverse art forms to create something unique and supremely innovative. A woman of extremes and mystery, Brocarde cannot be easily categorised, but if you imagine the operatic voice of Kate Bush with the drama of metal, you’ll be somewhere in the vicinity.  BROCARDE had initial success as a jewellery designer when her brand of exclusive, alternative accessories burst into the mainstream, being famously donned by the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  But after becoming disenchanted with celebrity culture, she disbanded the company, revaluated her creative direction and headed to LA to write and record her debut record. BROCARDE is not one who follows paths, but one who creates them.


BROCARDE’s first single, Last Supper (https://youtu.be/5DMHhCJnaXI ), captured the public’s imagination, drawing in critical acclaim and backing from Planet Rock Magazine, Kerrang! Radio, and Planet Rock Radio. Her second single, Love me ’til I’m beautiful, arrives on Friday 14th February, and it’s a powerful statement that entwines raw aggression with fragile undertones, layered with theatrical passages and a hypnotic delivery. The track features KoRn’s Ray Luzier on drums. Luzier remarks about the song: “I love Brocarde’s very unique vocal style & vibe….she has mass aggression to sweetness & everything in between in her voice! The very interesting song arrangements & theatrical segments make the whole package a dynamic, fun adventure to listen to.  I see great things ahead for her!” The video is also something special and epic. Directed and storyboarded by BROCARDE, the video is, in truth, more a short gothic horror film that’s destined to leave its mark. BROCARDE comments about the track: “Love Me ‘Til I’m beautiful is about the passion of love and hate. It’s about how toxic people can destroy who you are and leave you feeling empty and not enough. There’s a defiance and sarcasm to it; that’s the part that’s needed to pull you through and out the other side.”


Never compromising her vision, BROCARDE refuses to filter her art for commercial success. With a debut EP set to land in 2020, along with a slew of accompanying and cinematic videos, as well as an exciting range of unique dresses and jackets to complement each released song, BROCARDE will rise on her own terms and adhere to her own manifesto.


| You can pre-order the single, here https://music.apple.com/gb/album/1489620252?app=itunes |


www.instagram.com/brocarde  ||  www.youtube.com/brocarde ||  www.spotify.com/brocarde

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