BURY THE MACHINES To Release Single “Mutant Magnet” Halloween 2014

Bury The Machines
Bury The Machines

“What stands in the way, becomes the way” – Marcus Aurelius


Cars will burn on October 31st, 2014 when LA-based stoner metal band Bury The Machines releases its first single “Mutant Magnet” at www.burythemachines.com as a digital download. The epic and chaotic lament is an homage to the desert dwellers who construct homes of garbage and live off the grid in rural New Mexico.

Bury The Machines, brainchild of John Bomher (Yakuza, Iklatus), combines elements of doom, thrash, folk and psychedelia to navigate a dark and cinematic soundscape. The music is a reckoning with neurosis, love, loss and inspiration expressed through technology and heavy guitar riffs.

Through Bury The Machines, Bomher attempts to cope with the inevitable burden of humanity; the depression, loss, and bone-mangling hardship that is the price of consciousness. Bury The Machines is his stunted wail of hope and providence transmuted from tragedy and suffering, the promise to the tortured souls, the outcasts and artists from his beat-down hometown of South-Side, Chicago that can no longer trudge the path toward redemption alongside him. Following the debut of “Mutant Magnet,” there will be subsequent releases throughout 2015 culminating in a limited edition LP in 2016. Shows in North America will be announced at a later date.

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