Cage The Gods Interview/Review – The Garage, Glasgow – 22/10/2013

I interviewed two members of blues hard rockers Cage The Gods, who were supporting The Answer at The Garage venue in Glasgow, Scotland. Accumulating from all corners of the UK, I spoke with Welsh Bass player Mitch Witham, along with recent young English addition Colin Jones, who replaces the disappearing NJ on drums.

As for the gig itself, I have to write a few words about the band here. Opening the first 30 minutesCageTheGods1 of the night the band do look very young together, and indeed it has only been not even a year since the band formed. For a relatively new band, in a short space of time, they have management behind them, and have produced an EP “Favourite Sin”, released officially on 22nd November. Cage The Gods have also written and recorded their first album which is scheduled for release early in 2014.

The first three songs had me taking photos, and they confidently took to the stage with opening song “The Ending”. The band themselves do start lively, especially drummer Colin, who looks like he has bags of energy. Bass player Mitch bounces around the stage majestically all evening, even with his towering height of 6’7″! Cage The Gods start well but the crowd at the beginning did take some time to get into them. The venue was gradually filling up, and when fourth song “Favourite Sin” is performed, people were beginning to warm to the band, and there was a positive vibe and energy within the venue. Appearance wise there is nothing fancy about the band. All were wearing casual denims and Tee-shirts or shirts.

Irish Vocalist Peter Comerford has that classic rock style with his vocals. Indeed listening to the band, they do have that classic rock style, infused with some blues, making them a very nice complimentary opening act for headliners The Answer. “Sacrifice” was one highlight for me, which sounded great in the venue. This is a rocking number with plenty of melody and great hooks. The band finish with “Promises”, which does have me thinking of the interview earlier and talking about guitarist Jam’s influences. Yes to me there did seem to be a guitar sound that indeed The Edge from U2 would have been proud of! Jam himself sounded a very talented and accomplished guitar player on the night. The band leave the stage to a roaring approval by the now nearly full venue. Although the band sounded great together as a whole, and were pretty tight, individually they performed well. What I did think is that there could have been more interaction with the band members together. Maybe it was slight nerves or lack of stage time performing live. I’m sure with more gigs and performances, any wee issues can be addressed. Cage The Gods do sound like a promising up and coming band and ones to watch out for in the near future.

Set List

1. The Ending
2. Badlands
3. Bruce Willis
4. Favourite Sin
5. Sacrifice
6. From the Start
7. Promises

Photographs by Robbie Rooney
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