Carnage Metal Club, Warpath, Xenocide, Atheos. Dublin 22/2

858314_453527191380609_1318023967_oConsidering all the disappointing news in metal over the past week or so; from Lombardo getting thrown out on his arse (it’s nothing to do with the money, Kerry King overheard him saying ‘I guess Jesus is an ok dude’ – straw that broke the camel’s back) and Adam Duce leaving Machine Head, a night full of face melting metal was in order. They say tragedies come in threes, Lombardo, Duce… we can only hope that Metallica don’t start working with someone who has been irrelevant for twenty years…oh…wait… they did!!

Carnage Metal Club in Fibbers was the place to be if you wanted to get a body riddled with shrapnel! Downstairs in Fibbers always seemed more like a good place to have a séance or to keep a hunchback, but the dungeon–like vibe is actually cool. On the bill were Xenocide, Atheos and Warpath.

Xenocide were first. They’ve had a change line-up in recent times with a new vocalist and one less guitarist; it was my first time to see them in this new set-up. The heaviness was definitely not compromised with one less member I can tell you that much. The new vocalist delivers the right amount of aggression with a great contrast between guttural and screaming keeping it engaging. Xenocide are a Death Metal band but there are other genres like Thrash being interlaced in their music, making them a really accessible band while still maintaining a raw heaviness. The last time I saw these guys play, they were in a liminal state, between the old and the new. This time they had it all together and performed a tight set. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them in their new set-up. They were a really good way to get the night started.

Atheos went on after Xenocide. Atheos are a band that I have never seen play before so I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. These guys are heavy, like really heavy! They had a really good presence on stage and they were really well-received by the crowd. For fans of bands like Cryptopsy you should really check these guys out. Their E.P The Human Burden is worth listening to but if you can’t head bang fast you’re outta the game pals. If bands like Cryptopsy or immolation appeal to you then check them out but I would think Atheos are more of an acquired taste.

Finally, it was time for Warpath. Now, when you google ‘what is the heaviest thing in the world?’, the answer will probably be: Kirsty Alley after a Dunkin’ Donuts raid…Warpath are heavier than that; think of a pregnant whale falling on your head –  that heavy! This was the band’s first Dublin gig in awhile and it was highly anticipated especially since the term ‘Warparty’ has been used in relation to their gigs. You may ask ‘What does a Waparty entail?’ Well the answer is plenty of beer, buckfast, headbanging to great music, and the appearance of a myserious denim jacket with patches.

warpathWarpath are one of the more successful Irish bands:  they’ve just recently come back from touring with Cerebral Bore, so it is easy to gauge the level that this band is at (a very high one). They’re a great example of how a marriage with the brutal and the technical should really work, and that interbred with some equally brutal vocals that sound like demons screaming at you from under the drainpipes, means you’ll be at risk of your innards being splattered all over the place! NOT FOR THE WEAK BOWELED!!

Warpath performed a lot of stuff that they hadn’t played in awhile making it attractive to those who have followed the band from their very early stages. They also did some covers, including Decapitated’s ‘Sphere’s of Madness’, for which they were joined on stage by vocalist Dean Brennan from Guttrench which was obviously a big hit with the crowd. Deicide was another band they chose to cover which is fitting considering the band will be sharing the stage with them when they play Inferno Fest in Norway in March. Also coming up for these guys is Extremefest in Germany in may, so if you’re heading to any of those make sure you’re up the front for them with a plastic bag for your insides.  Warpath put on a great show: there is nothing pretentious about them, they know how to make it fun for everyone. Keep an eye out for these guys.

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