CARNALITY premiere lyric video for ‘Fall Of The Human Ratio’

Italian brutal death metal act Carnality have premiered their new lyric video for lead single ‘Fall of the Human Ratio’ online. The video was created by Davide Cilloni (Eklipse Design Studio) and can be seen here:

The band about the concept of the new lyric video: “‘Fall of the human ratio’ is the third track of our brand new album ‘Dystopia’. This song has been chosen for the lyric video because we think that it’s the perfect representation of what Carnality are today.

Listening to ‘Fall of the human ratio’ the listener will be able to note all the features that characterizes our sound, such claustrophobic rythmics, a ‘sharp’ and technical guitar riffing, more atmospheric and evocative slowdowns and, particularity of this song, a groovy and cadenced introduction. Chaos, often syncopated and framed into a chaotic order, this oxymoron can briefly explain at perfection what ‘Fall of the human ratio’ is.

carnality low‘Dystopia’ is a concept-album which story is set in a non-so far future in which society, controlled by a dystopic regime, has evolved to the point of not being based on work anymore, and the only necessary activities are carried out by condemned people to whom has been denied the possibility to prove emotions, feelings and the need of living in relation with others through nanotechnology and genetic modifications.

The protagonist of the events narrated in the plot is an ex-scientist who worked on the development of this technology, and he’s the only one left alive to know about its reversibility, but if the re-animation process is performed incorrectly the result will be a catastrophe: an army of monsters in the throes of anomie would be created because the previously “turned-off” ones would lose all their memories, self-control, relational and civic sense. This is the blackened portrait described in ‘Fall of the human ratio'”.

Carnality‘s new high-energy sophomore full-length, Dystopia, is out and now streaming in full online here:


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