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Christian Sloan Hall – Interview

  How do you visually represent how an album sounds? This may not be a question you think of when you pick up a CD, but I hope this interview makes you consider it. Have you ever wondered who creates the iconic backdrops at Amon Amarth gigs? Or the cover …

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Pär Olofsson interview for Planetmosh, June 2014

When you are holding a brand new album, which was just released by your favourite music band, you usually do not think about anything besides the band and their music in the album. But behind this finished and shiny set of tracks in the jewel case, the paper digipak and cd …

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Monty Colvin Interview for PlanetMosh, May 2014

I found out about Monty Colvin, his Rockcast podcast, and his Galactic Cowboys through a friend, Kyle Sweet. Sweet’s KrankIt! Radio was playing an entire set of Galactic Cowboys material one night. I missed most of the set, but wanted to be able to discuss the band, so I checked …

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