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Video Interviews

planetmosh interviews with rock & metal bands and artists

10 Cent Toy – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Pit Worker of TcT pops in for a chat with Planetmosh at Hammerfest 2011. We chat about the band, the demo EP, the remainder of the band that are shitting themselves outside, the buzz of playing at Hammerfest and future plans of Ten Cent Toy.

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Turisas – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Ollie Vanska in full battle dress as he is due on stage talks with Planetmosh at Hammerfest 3, 2011 about the band, the look, and his experience in Turisas. Oooo. and plan B for when they play in Amsterdam

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Evile – Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Video)

Here we are with all of the guys from Evile,  which started as an interview until the end of the first question. After eating the donuts and biscuits we discuss Hitlers Eagles Nest, Welders, i-pods, Make up and video games. Oh!. and the new album, festivals and a little about …

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Blaze Bayley – HellFire Festival 2009 (Video)

Planetmosh Team interviews Blaze Bayley at Hellfire festival, NEC, Birmingham 2009. Appologies for the poor sound quality , 2 dead batteries in the main camera and we switched to a compact camera part way through. Blaze Bayley, a man as animated off stage as he is on the stage. Still …

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