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Raimund Burke – Get It 2.0

German guitarist Raimund Burke‘s latest full-length effort, Get It 2.0, mixes a keyboard-rich AOR type feel with progressive instrumental rock. The lead guitar parts do seem lyrical in spots, but the album doesn’t seem to jump magically from ‘instrumental rock’ to ‘rock and roll that just happens to be without …

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Mahogany Hand Grenade – Return To The Point Of Departure

An elusive Texas progressive metal band, Mahogany Hand Grenade, released (in May, 2013) a five-song EP, titled Return To The Point Of Departure, through bandcamp. Mastered to digital perfection by Maor Appelbaum (Adrenaline Mob, Cynic, Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, etc.), four out of five of the tunes are six-minute-plus length. The …

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Mojo Fury – The Difference Between

Mojo Fury - The Difference Between

@planetmosh reviews The Difference Between by .@mojofuryband out on .@graphiterecords Following on from 2011’s ‘Visiting Hours Of a Travelling Circus’ Northern Irish indie-rockers Mojo Fury have released the much-anticipated ‘The Difference Between’. This second full-length album is available now on Graphite Records. Safe in The Arms is a perfect song …

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Suns Of Stone – ‘Suns Of Stone’

Suns Of Stone

.@Planetmosh reviews the self-titled album by @sunsofstone, out now on Bad Reputation Records. Canadian quartet Suns Of Stone follow a southern-edged blues rock path that has been trodden by a thousand predecessors, and while it may not be the most original route to follow they find their way along it …

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Automaton – Echoes Of Mount Ida

This debut three track EP from Athenians five piece Automaton is one which is unashamedly and proudly rooted in the drone doom tradition of bands such as Sleep and YOB, with the heritage of these acts seeping and flowing through every last second of the 33 compulsive minutes. With fuzzed-out …

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Sons Of Crom – Victory (Single)

A ‘one man band’ type project, Sons Of Crom features the work of two Swedish / Finnish musicians: Janne Posti and Iiro Sarkki. Their new 12-minute “epic single”, “Victory”, is meant to serve as a rule or yardstick to show what they’re capable of, or what their upcoming full-length album …

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Suffering Hour – ‘Foreseeing Exemptions To A Dismal Beyond’

@planetmosh reviews the debut EP from Suffering Hour, out now on @tridroidrecords Hailing from darkest Minnesota, this debut EP from Suffering Hour (who were formerly known as Compassion Dies, for the trivia freaks out there), is a solid if somewhat basic old school slab of blackened thrash meets death metal. …

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Pleaser – One Night In Paradise

Rejoice, hair metal fans, the genre still lives, although it’s migrated to Japan and… Brazil. Pleaser, from Brazil, have released their One Night In Paradise disc. Steel Panther they are not… Pleaser seem average players who take their party rock seriously. @PlanetMosh reviewer Louella DeVille states “(Pleaser is) reminiscent of …

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Terrorizer – World Downfall [Vinyl, Re-Issue]

If you’re one of the fortunate few to have snapped up this sold-out re-release of Terrorizer‘s seminal grindcore pillar World Downfall, we @PlanetMosh salute you. Record labels occasionally re-release out of print items for various reasons. Here, Earache Records re-released this on colorful vinyl (100 orange, 200 green, 300 red, …

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Zodiac – A Hiding Place

German rock band Zodiac released their sophomore album A Hiding Place on 29th October 2013 via Napalm records. Their debut album ‘A Bit of a Devil’ having been released in 2012. A Hiding Place gets off to a rousing start with Downtown with a good beat, good rhythm, good riffs. …

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Attack Of The 70ft Bitch – Revenger

Attack Of The 70ft Bitch - Artwork

Hailing from Scunthorpe (“The Industrial Garden Town Of The North” as he describes it), AOT70FB is the work of one Wayne Goodchild, who perhaps can perhaps best be described as a “bedroom producer”.  Having previously enjoyed moderate success under the monicker of Cardboard Dead Boy, he has sought to refine …

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Soil – Whole

Whole is 2013’s release by Chicago modern metallers Soil. The nicely-produced disc is well balanced, with the full band audible and appreciable. A natural progression from (and successor to) 2001’s Scars, the disc stays true to the band’s downtuned, crunchy, catchy form. I hear two cross-disc highlights: the emotive, powerful, …

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Atominated – World Without Flesh

Irish thrash metal band Atominated, who were originally known as Akraga, have just released their new E.P, “World Without Flesh”. Throughout the album the guitar sound is aggressive, whilst not being overly distorted as to lose definition on riffs which are technical and catchy. Dual guitars leaves room for impressive …

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