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Bite Size Review

The 100 word review.

Rainbows Are Free – ‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’

Rainbows Are Free artwork

This second album from Oklahomans Rainbows Are Free immediately wins the PlanetMosh award for THE best song title of the year (if not possibly ever?), in the form of opening track ‘Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell’.  It’s a title, and indeed a …

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Winter in Eden – Court of Conscience

Winter in Eden are a symphonic metal band from the North East of England.  The band has released two very good albums in the last few years, and are now ready to release their third album.  For the new album the band have pulled out all the stops – they …

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Aonia – Sunchaser

Aonia are a band from the East Midlands who play metal with female operatic vocals.  They are unusual though in that instead of having a single classically trained vocalist either by themself of paired with a male singer doing growls, Aonia have two classically trained (i.e. operatic style) female vocalists. …

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Bad for Lazarus – Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!

Brighton based band, Bad for Lazarus, have a lineup that includes former members of bands including The eighties matchbox B-line disaster, Unkle and Nine inch nails, so you probably expect these different musical backgrounds to lead to an interesting combination, and you aren’t going to be disappointed. I’m not sure …

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The Ghost Wolves – ‘Man Woman Beast’

The Ghost Wolves

The Ghost Wolves are a married duo hailing from Austin, Texas. They released their debut album ‘Man Woman Beast’ on May 27th 2014 through Plowboy Records. This album was recorded at Arlyn Studios and mastered by Howie Weinberg. The first track ‘Shotgun Pistol Grip’ swings through the speakers with a …

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Kilmara – Love Songs and Other Nightmares

Barcelona’s Kilmara have released their third full-length disc, Love Songs And Other Nightmares, an 11-song sojourn into melodic metal. Very nicely recorded, mixed and mastered, the album doesn’t have a raw “demo” sound that many acts seem to foster lately. Pleasant and paced well, the disc’s tunes don’t seem to …

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Specter – Life Rearranged

Dublin band Specter’s mini EP is a preview of what this band has to offer the Irish metal scene. Life rearranged is the first track of two. While there are elements that are admirable such as vocals and groovy riff, the track is not easily differentiated from Unwhole, the second …

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Mad Dogs and Englishmen – These Are Not Poetic Times

.@louelladeville_ @planetmosh review of .@M_D_A_E These Are Not Poetic Times EP Manchester based Heavy Metal band Mad Dogs and Englishmen released their second EP These Are Not Poetic Times on the 14th April 2014. The opening track Profit Through War started off a bit Rocking in the Free World by …

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Heartbreak Remedy – Self Titled EP

.@louelladeville_ @PlanetMosh review of .@HeartbreakRmdy self titled EP Formed in Cumbria in early 2013. ‘Groove led’ Rock band Heartbreak Remedy released their self-titled debut EP earlier this year. Truth with it’s memorable refrain is similar to Vintage Caravan’s Craving. Hair of the Dog (highlight track) has a great rhythm and riffs. …

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Silent Jack – Snakebite

.@louplanetmosh @planetmosh reviews Snakebite by .@silentjackband Snakebite by Birmingham based Hard Rock band Silent Jack was released late last year. I liked it immediately. Here’s a bite-size taster! From start to finish this seven track album was packed with great songs and screaming riffs. Brand New Start had a bit …

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Chicago – Chicago XXXVI: Now

Chicago XXXVI: Now is the first album of completely new material from the band for eight years.  As it’s the 23rd album over the course of 47 years from the soft-rock giants (36th if you include live albums and compilations), then it’s safe to say that nobody is expecting anything …

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Beneath the divine – Disciple

“Disciple” is the debut EP from South Wales metal band Beneath the divine. It’s a five track EP, with the first track, “Disciple” being more of an intro than a normal song, but at 2 minutes long it’s longer than an average album intro.  A philosophical spoken voice track with …

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System of Hate – Insanity EP

.@louelladeville_ @PlanetMosh review of .@systemofhateuk self titled EP System of Hate were formed in 2012 from the remnants of Barnsley Punk band Total Confusion, with former members Pat, Paddy and Sutty joined by drummer Carl and former Danse Society drummer Martin on keyboards to give the Hard-core Punk sound we hear …

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Massive Wagons – Red Dress (Single & Bonus Tracks)

.@louelladeville_  @PlanetMosh reviews .@MassiveWagons new single Red Dress and bonus tracks released via .@OffYerRocka on 23rd June 2014. Carnforth rockers Massive Wagons released Red Dress, their first single from new album Fight the System on 23rd June 2014. Red Dress starts as it finishes with the words Red Dress hence, …

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Psycho Kiss – Bloodbath at the disco

“Bloodbath at the disco” is the second album from South Wales rock band Psycho Kiss.  Like Triaxis (also from South Wales), they have a classic rock/metal sound, although whereas Triaxis are more classic metal, Psych Kiss are more classic hard rock. Like Triaxis they have a talented female singer with …

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Flight 49 – That smell of sweat and sin

Flight 49 are a four piece hard rock band from Llandudno in North Wales.  Formed in 2011, they started work on their debut EP in 2013 and it’s now finally here – That smell of sweat and sin. Brief comments on a couple of tracks… “Rage” opens with a piano …

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The Starling Radicals – The World Outside

The Starling Radicals are a fairly new band from South Wales, who only formed a year and a half ago, but who have already released their first mini-album, The World Outside.  The plan is for them to release a full album soon which will contain the six tracks from this …

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Vanity BLVD – Wicked Temptation

Swedish Rock band Vanity BLVD released second album Wicked Temptation via Noiseheadrecords earlier this year. Fronted by Anna Savage, with a powerful voice similar to Sally Cato from Smashed Gladys. A fantastic second album, worth a listen for fans of Eighties Glam Rock. The opening track Dirty Rat reminded me …

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Dot Legacy – ‘Dot Legacy’

Dot Legacy Album Artwork

One of a reviewer’s favourite dreams – and, in equal measure, worst nightmares – is to occasionally stumble across a band who are difficult, if not downright impossible, to categorize. Such an outfit are Parisien quartet Dot Legacy, and this eclectic self-titled debut, which veers between post-rock synchopation, stoner, ambient …

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Black Gremlin – ‘ Rock And Raw’

Black Gremlin Artwork

This debut album from upstart Italians Black Gremlin certainly lives up to its name, in that it’s raw – not surprising, since the quartet recorded its seven songs live in one day, and using a traditional 8-track reel-to-reel tape deck. The result is a heady little collection of songs that …

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