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The Rolling Stones – From the vault: No security San Jose ‘99

Most bands that have been around for a while will have stuff that’s not been released – whether it’s songs that didn’t make an album, live videos or audio, or whatever. When you’ve been around as long as the Rolling Stones then you’re bound to have a ton of stuff …

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Devildriver – Outlaws ’til the end vol 1

Outlaws ’til the end, the new album from Devildriver isn’t a typical Devildriver release. For a start, it’s an album of cover versions. Not just any cover versions though…these are all Country songs. Yes that’s right, Devildriver playing Country music. By now some of you are probably thinking WTF? and …

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Tarja – Act II

Following the success of Tarja’s “Act I” live DVD, she’s now releasing Act II. The DVD was filmed on her Shadow shows tour, and consists of two very different shows. In the same way she released two albums with contrasting titles and themes, the shows filmed are very different. On …

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P.H.O.B.O.S. – Phlogiston Catharsis

P.H.O.B.O.S. arrive with an eight track album ‘Phlogiston Catharsis’ that will tear up the rule book as regards defining genres in Metal The concept of Industrial Doom becoming a happy bedfellow with Black Metal is certainly an intriguing one, and P.H.O.B.O.S. have succeeded in ensuring that nuptials did indeed take …

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Line of fire – Nothing in my way

Eleven years after forming, Nottingham band Line of Fire have finally released their debut album. So why has it taken so long? Cynics will point to the fact the band was founded by Lawnmower Deth guitarist Paddy O’Malley, and since Lawnmower Deth have only managed to release a couple of …

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Ryders Creed – Ryders Creed

Ryders Creed should surely call themselves Apollo Creed because of the way they come out swinging throughout their self titled debut album. Since they formed just over a year ago they have toured hard and it shows judging by how they have honed these ten songs down. Recently released on …

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Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine: Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre

Ocean Machine: Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre is the Devin Townsend Project’s upcoming release; I was treated to an early copy of the DVD for review. With a just short of 3 hour live show filmed September 22nd 2017 and addition behind the scenes video too its a fantastic …

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Dorrian Sorriaux – Hungry ghost

.           Blues Pills guitarist Dorrian Sorriaux has won plenty of praise for his playing in the band, but for his solo EP release, he’s taken a very different direction musically. It’s not Blues rock – it’s psychedelic Folk. It’s quite a laid back pace, and …

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Wacken 2017 – 28 years louder than hell

As this year’s Wacken festival approaches it’s time for their annual CD/DVD release featuring some of the best performances from the previous year’s event. These releases are a great souvenir for fans who were there and also are great releases in their own right. The sound is always crystal clear …

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Big boy bloater and the limits – Pills

It’s hard to believe that “Luxury hobo” Big boy bloater’s last album came out 2 years ago. It’s a sign of how good it is that I still listen to it regularly, but he’s now got a new album – Pills. The big question is – how can he follow …

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MIST – Free Me Of The Sun

MIST at last release their Doom filled debut ‘Free Me Of The Sun’, following on from the well received E.P.’s that caught the attention of many a pair of ears Having already played such hallowed events as Bloodstock, Metal Days, Doom Over Malta and others, there can be no question …

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Ghost – Prequelle

Ghost - Prequelle (Cover)

It took me a while to get on the Ghost train. I stupidly dismissed them as a novelty band but their headlining set at Bloodstock Festival in 2017 got me on track and the journey is now even more full steam ahead with the release of their fourth studio album …

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Megadeth – Killing Is My Business….And Business Is Good: The Final Kill

Megadeth have been around for 35 years now, and are reissuing their classic album “Killing is my business…and business is good”. The reissue carries the title “The final kill” and it’s been restored and remixed by Mark Lewis (Whitechapel) and remastered by Ted Jensen to match Dave Mustaine’s original vision. …

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Monument – Hellhound

Monument - Hellhound (Cover)

Something heavy this way comes from ROAR Rock Of Ages Records that goes under the name of Hellhound, the third studio album from metallers Monument! No cliche is left out as they hammer out nine songs of pure heavy metal with joyous vigour. Lead by the powerful vocal pipes of …

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Toledo Steel – No Quarter

Toledo Steel - No Quarter

At last, the wait is finally over. Southampton based metallers Toledo Steel unleash their debut album No Quarter via Dissonance Productions on June 1st! Now back to a five piece the album opens up with ‘Behold The Machine’ but never mind the machine, behold these riffs that burst out of …

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The Asif Outlaws – The Asif Outlaws

The Asif Outlaws

First caught this captivating band a few months ago opening a Cancer fundraising gig in Nantwich; proving my point to watch the opening bands as you never know what you might miss! The Surrey based The Asif Outlaws, fronted by Asif Ali were a joy to behold as they veered …

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Doomsday Outlaw – Hard Times

Back with their latest album Hard Times. Derbyshire powerhouse Doomsday Outlaw deliver a fantastic, dynamic, contemporary album with a twist. I say twist because the album is diverse whilst been true to their roots, the songs are varied in creativity that will have you rocking from it blues induced start to its …

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Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (2018 bonus reissue)

I bought the first four studio albums from Sydney, Australia based Rose Tattoo back in the early 80’s but I’m not sure how this blistering album Blood Brothers slipped past my radar in 2007 so thankfully it has been given another airing with an added bonus of six live tracks …

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The Sloths – Back From The Grave

The Sloths - Back From The Grave (Cover)

The Sloths have just released Back From the Grave in Europe via Eternal Sound Records. Who are The Sloths? You ask. What is a Sloth? You may ask. The Sloths were a garage rock band from Los Angeles, active for a short time in the mid sixties, playing covers of …

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Steve Hill – The one man blues rock band

Steve Hill’s new live album is one of the most accurately titled albums ever – he is after all, a one-man blues rock band. If you’ve never seen Steve Hill play live, it’s impressive stuff – he plays guitar and sings (doing both well), and at the same time plays …

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