Cauldron ‘Europe’s Lost Tour’ The Well, Leeds, Review.

Goat Horn was Jason Decay’s previous band that had similar attributes to Cauldron. Now Cauldron are into their third album ‘Tomorrow’s Lost’, discovering a whole new path in what you could call ‘retro-metal’.

They return to Europe on a headline tour covering some of the major cities that they once did with other heavy metal bands like Enforce, Death Angel and Wolf. Tonight they are appearing at Leeds famous rock bar The Well with support from Toxic Ritual .

Judging by their music videos they like to bring an element of theatricality to their performance, so as I imagined, an intro blasted through as the members hid behind the equipment they had on stage. The illusion was lost due to the lead guitarist Ian still being stood on stage, maybe a few minutes should have been left after setting up before their opening.

The intro lead smoothly into their first song, Jason came running to the front, with energy and power. From the fans that did arrive, they came rushing from the upstairs bar down after hearing the opening riff to ‘End Of Time’ They kicked straight into ‘Born to Struggle’, I think this makes a great opening song, it such a creative groove from guitar, it is an audience pleaser.
Jason has such a 70’s musical style for vocals and in a lyrical sense, this is what really brings the ‘retro’ to their metal. Guitarist Ian Chains establishes the 80’s NWOBHM era with his melodic lines. Drummer Myles Deck is not featured on the album, as it was wrote and recorded as a two piece, however he made a striking central element and a well known member of the band, he even included some highly amusing wit.
The set was a strong one in terms they choose some great songs off their new album, like ‘Nitebreaker‘. The venue as such didn’t do them justice for sound quality. When drums stopped playing you could then hear guitar plenty, but that’s no good.  The sound engineer wasn’t exactly on top form and being a three piece, it hard enough to get a massive full sound but they did the but they could with what they had, fans enjoyed it so much requested for an encore. 8/10

Set List
End Of Time
Born To Struggle
Summoned to Succumb
Frozen in Fire
Miss You To Death
Rapid City
Burning Fortune
Fermenting Enchantress
The Striker Strikes
All or  Nothing 


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