Cemetery Lust – Orgies of Abomination (Hells Headbangers)

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Cemetery Lust

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On 14 July 2014
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Nasty old school death metal madness.

cemetery lust - orgies coverAnother slab of pure depravity delivered from the Hells Headbangers label . Cemetery Lust crawling from Portland, Oregon have unleashed this their second full length. The band describe themselves as “Rape Thrash” so from the starting blocks you just know this is going to be nasty and not very politically correct; however it does raise a smile with songtitles like “Mass Grave Orgy” and “Cum on the Cross”. Musically the band are very much wallowing in the primitive thrash and death metal of the late 80s. A Repulsion influence sticks out mostly due to the drumming style, the blast beats are attacking and you can really hear every crack of the snare, it is in no way clinical and the attention is on the songs rather than the sonic perfection which so many death and thrash bands aim for nowadays. The guitar playing nods ferociously towards early Slayer, Whiplash and Sarcofago with the screaming solos and the somewhat sloppy attack and the frenetic rhythm playing. It is apparent these guys are having a hell of a good time playing a style of music which improved to virtuoso standards over the years but they have taken it right back to the garage and bathed it in beer and blood. All the songs are quite similar; however due to the length of the songs and the overall album it does not overstay its welcome and whilst a tasty dose of nostalgia it stands up against modern bands of the same genre.

Line up

Disgustor – Drums
Nasty Nate – Guitar
Raypist – Bass
Evil Andrew -Vocals
Squid Nasty -Guitar

Inhumane Indulgence
Mass Grave Orgy
Bloody Whore Bath
Ride the Beast
Malice in the Morgue
Cyborg Sex Machine
Devils Grave Disturbance
Intent to Molest
Cum on the Cross
S.T.D. (Sexually Transmitted Death)
Maleific Masturbation


Nasty old school death metal madness.

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