Cerebral Bore – The Purple Turtle – 27/03/2011 (Gig)

Where? – Sonic Obliteration Fest, Purple Turtle, Camden, London.

Jesus christ WHAT? female? nooooooowaitouch! YES !moshmoshMOSH!  That was what my brain did when I encountered Cerebral Bore.

You may already know what they are about.I didn’t.

What can I say. The name makes you think ‘macho’, moshpit, throw beer, knock each other out’ band. You’re right. Except, the lead vox came into view, stamped all over the stage and…wait…she’s..er… female. Bloody hell, I thought. I don’t DO femme metal! This is going to be my worst nightmare. I am going to have to wait an hour, look interested and just drink loads of beer.

Holy hell, how wrong was I.

Without any sympathy for the uninitiated, the opening track assaulted every orifice. Once that kick drum started, the stage exploded. The bass was absolutely stunning, the blonde long haired dude (Kyle Rutherford) did not stop windmilling til the hour set was over, the drummer Mcdibet was technically excellent, making use of every piece of kit, the guy was a frikkin octopus. And the vox. Don’t even go there with the ideal this is femme metal. Som Pluijmers paced the stage like a caged animal, the growl was spot on, and better than a lot of male ones. In tune, in time and actually audible. This is NOT femme metal, this is extreme death, balls out, bone crushing, ear bleeding, face  melting  fucking mosh or else metal. And mosh we did. Cerebral Bore owned that stage. The pit got larger and larger on every track. They didn’t even have a bad attitude either, they actually seemed the type you’d trust not to say fuck whilst having tea with the Queen.

The energy and electricity of this band will make your mouth water. The crowd were visibly geared up, I didn’t ask if anyone was specifically there for the headline, but considering the pool of people ready and willing front and centre, I’m thinking that they were there because they were already fans, they knew what was going to happen. Those that didn’t, and thought they were going to get a chance to get dribbly at a waspie clad front woman were about to be crushed and start crying into their ciders. No claims for being a twat expecting a floaty dress will be entered into. Cue the blonde,a beauty with a baseball cap immediately in. your. face. She grabs you by the bollocks and swings you round over her head whilst the lead guitar plays your spleen with a hack saw, the bassist twangs your spine, and the drummer hits you repeatedly in the face with a blunt, heavy and perfectly in time object. And you love it. I like to be objective, but unfortunately, I cannot think of a bad thing to say about them. The sound as usual was pretty good. No obstructions and plenty of places to get good views of the stage.

The end of the set seemed to come too soon, with loud, repeated calls for more, Cerebral Bore did exactly what it says on the tin.

Fox rating : 8.5/10

Stuff you might wanna know : Based in Glasgow, this four piece powerhouse were kicking off the UK leg of their current tour with the album launch party, then heading over to the States & Mexico until June 19th, showcasing the re-release of the 2010 debut album ‘Maniacal Miscreation’ after signing to Earache Records in December 2010. Read all about them, and check out the tour dates here http://www.earache.com/index2.html

The album is due out in the uk in April 2011. I strongly suggest buying it, I’ll certainly be reviewing it.\m/

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