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Cosmos Over Chaos

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On 30 May 2020
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An intriguing mix of Death, Metalcore and Prog Metal and snippets of everything in between

A multi-national collaboration between Poland and Australia has presented this interesting mix of progressive metal with touches of death metal and flourishes of sci -fi inspired keyboard madness.

Opening track “Cascading Darkness” is full on straight out of the gate, chunky chugged guitars being complimented with melodic leads that are not a million miles away from such prog metal underground bands such as Zero Hour or Memento Waltz. Getting into the meat of the song we shift to a more metalcore structure which shifts to a clean vocal with more epic feel to it. On paper none of this should really piece together, however they have effortlessly made it flow and its transitions are seamless.

“We Shall Not Fall” has an infectious arpeggio with complimentary keyboard pads below it. Vocally it is all over the place from death growls to an almost pop sounding clean vocal, not entirely sure it works that well. This song has many twists and turns from straight metal to blasts into a middle section which would not be out of place on a Ghost record. The ending section is awash with blast beats but the drums sound artificial.

After many listens to this, the general approach appears to be cram as many styles and sections into one song as possible. There are places where it is coherent and digestible. Hanging about a bit more on some riffs and not being in such a rush to switch pace or style could make these songs more memorable and feel less like a bunch of glued together sections.  This sort of contradicts previous observations; however it still stands that the musicianship and transitions are superb. Yes, there is the progressive element of all this but it feels like the actual soul of the song has been sacrificed for flare.


1.Cascading Darkness
2.One Hundred
3.Worlds Apart
5.We Will Not Fall

Joshua Ratcliff – vocals, lyrics, songwriting
Rafal Bowman – guitars, synths, programming,

An intriguing mix of Death, Metalcore and Prog Metal and snippets of everything in between

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