Chaos Theory – Bio-Death.

With only really 2 bands out of the so called Big 4 producing consistently good thrash metal, there is always room for the young guns to keep them on their toes! Chaos Theory are not going to trouble the big boys just yet, but their debut album Bio-Death, released via Massacre Records on June 29th 2012 should have them looking over their shoulders.

Bio-Death is pure, unadulterated, head’s down, white topped trainers on the  monitors,1980’s thrash metal. At 30 minutes long, the 10 molten tracks, crash and thrash with no room for wasted time. Chaos Theory formed in Rovereto, Trentino, Northern Italy in November 2009. Having only previously released one demo called Chaos Theory, they have already grasped the rudiments of visceral thrash metal early on in their career.

It isn’t just all bluster though as their main weapon is the dexterity of lead guitarist Giovanni Spagnolli, one of the founder members of the band. His lead breaks and fills throughout the album stand Chaos Theory  in good stead for the future. The vocals of Claudio Peterlini are another boost  as he rages through the album like a combination of Ozzy Osbourne and Tankard’s Andreas Geremia.

Personal highlights of Bio-Death are opener Faith, beginning with a flurry of guitar as a surging thrash rhythm kicks in over jackhammer drums, topped off by a shimmering, 100 mph guitar solo. The buzzsaw riffs that come in at about the 2 minute mark  during Virus. Dawn Of Death is like vintage Exodus by it’s mid paced thrash groove and manic vocals akin to Paul Baloff. The title track’s political rage delivery bringing to mind classic Sacred Reich. Chocker’s thick,chugging riffs interspersed with fluid lead guitar runs and Domination literally steamrollers throughout it’s 3 minutes, driven by killer drums from Michelle Finadri and another shredding guitar solo.

To conclude, Bio-Death is a must buy for any thrash metal fans, you will not be disappointed!


Chaos Theory band line up :-

Claudio Peterlini – Vocals.

Giovanni Spagnolli – Lead guitar.

Davide Benedetti – Lead guitar.

Michelle Finadri – Drums.

Bass duties on Bio-Death were handled by Erosion guitarist Maurizo Frachetti, due to Chaos Theory’s existing bassist leaving during the recording of the album.


Bio-Death track listing :-




Dawn Of Death.






Final Solution.



I award Bio-Death a thrashtastic 9.5/10.


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