Cheerleader – Vegas or Bust cd.

SWEDISH hard rockers Cheerleader formed in 2009, when brothers Joel and Niklas Elk met up with Joan Vieru and Andreas Westerlund, over a few beers in a bar.
So fast forward to 2011, and this is the result, Vegas or Bust is their debut album, and it’s pretty good.
It’s so good that Rille Lundell – the guitarist with Warrior Soul, apparently passed a copy to Warrior Soul main man Kory Clarke who immediately invited the band to be their special guests on their September tour of the UK and Ireland, a tour which for some strange reason, I completely forgot about, and missed, I will have to stop drinking ha ha.
Following the already well worn path of musical influences, they site Aerosmith, The Foo Fighters and even The Cult as there musical inspiration.
The record kicks off with “My Love To Someone Else”, its all very well constructed, Radio friendly rock, and rarely really deviates from this chosen path, there are a couple of very good “sleezy” tracks, and an acoustic track “The Pirate Song” which has a party feel, but nothing to make it really stand out. All in all, an energetic debut with a good few twists and turns to keep the listener interested.
1. My Love to Someone Else cheerleader1
2. What’s So Hard
3. Dead End Town
4. Arrange
5. The Pirate Song
6. Generation Shit
7. Serving Sam (Break It Down)
8. Wasted Hours
9. Wherever You May Be

Out now.

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