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Restless Bear Promotions using Chester Deaf Centre venue as a support for Underground music

After my first visit to Chester Deaf Centre to see Crapsons, I was so impressed with the venue and what one man was trying to achieve, I took to the time to pull organiser Danny to one side to find out his drive behind what he’s doing and his vision for the future. He explained:

‘I have lived in Chester all of my youth but then moved to Manchester and really started to fall in love with the punk / Garage rock scene. The Liverpool scene being particularly strong. I’m back living in Chester now and I’ve felt that the city has always had something missing. It has great Indie Bands and acoustic nights, however its not really my thing.

I wanted to show Chester what the rest of the country has to offer as far as the garage rock / punk scenes go. Restless Bear was born out of this concept and is really aimed at the people that feel they need something heavier from their live music. I am attempting to cater for this audience. As niche as it may be we are going to go full hell for leather with it! The aim is to find people who like and trust Restless Bear Promotions to provide the correct talent for our nights every week. We also do all day events in a Beautiful Church St Marys Creative Space. Keep your ears pealed for those.

The Next show we have is Friday 22nd March where we are pairing Shallow Waters (Manchester) who can be described as Spiralling desert grooves, crunching stoner tones, innovative lyrics, howling guitar solos and a tidal wave of psychedelic ambience with Feral Wheel (Liverpool) who may have no online presence but will surprise everyone.’

From what I witnessed, this venue can be a thing of the future and with Danny at the helm anything is possible. You can follow what Danny does through Restless Bear Promotions HERE.


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