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Children of Bodom – Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth)

I don’t normally agree with the idea of “best of” albums as I feel that they are more of an excuse to release something when a band can’t think of anything new to release. However, I can’t say that this is the case here!

At 17 tracks, the album is of a good length and includes a good mix of old and new material with tasters from every studio album that Children of Bodom have released over the past 15 years – making this album that little bit different from the usual “best of” releases.

The idea of including tracks from every album is somewhat a good idea but it’s hardly balanced, with 4 tracks from Hate Crew Deathroll and only one from the likes of Something Wild and Blooddrunk. However, this choice is probably for the best because let’s face it, Blooddrunk was one of those fans only releases and Something Wild was their debut album… good, but hardly showcase material.

At first I wasn’t sure about having two previously unreleased (cover) tracks included on an album of what is meant to be a celebration of 15 years of Children of Bodom but upon hearing them, the idea of something new is a nice addition for the hardcore Children of Bodom fans that already own everything they’ve released. However, the placement amongst the other tracks seems rather odd and I personally feel like they should be added to the end of the tracklist as a sort of bonus.

I can’t agree more with the selection of chosen songs… seems like a perfect set list for a live show too! All the necessary classics are there including Hate me (Follow the Reaper), Needled 24/7 (Hate Crew Deathroll), Warheart (Hatebreeder) and some of the newer favourites like Living Dead Beat (Are You Dead Yet?) and Trashed, Lost and Strungout (Are You Dead Yet?).

All in all, I’d say that this album is definitely something new fans NEED in their collection and the selling point for the hardcore fans would be the DVD and the cover of Dropkick Murphys’ I’m Shipping Up to Boston. It’s a must have and is in signature Bodom cover style… You will not be disappointed!!


1. Hate crew deathroll
2. Shovel knockout
3. Hate me
4. Everytime I die
5. Needled 24 7
6. I’m shipping up to Boston
7. Sixpounder
8. Warheart
9. Roundtrip to hell and back
10. Trashed, lost and strungout
11. Living dead beat
12. Deadnight warrior
13. Blooddrunk
14. Follow the reaper
15. Are you dead yet
16. Silent night, Bodom night
17. Jessies girl
18. In your face
19. Angels don’t kill
20. Downfall

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