CIRCUITRY Debut New Song “Perfect Vision”


Formed from the smoldering, rotten corpses of Dark Empire, has arisen CIRCUITRY, a new strain of inescapable weaponized aural pestilence. Years of experimentation in multiple genres have resulted in a potent, debilitating form of metal to which there is no known antidote.


Fusing elements of modern progressive metal with classic metalcore, death, and catchy hooks, CIRCUITRY strive to present their signature sound to an audience inundated with EDM and hip hop. Guitarist, Christian Colabelli and drummer, Matt Guglielmo, formerly of the fallen (Dark) Empire, join forces with Joel Monet (Reach) on vocals to unleash this virulent auditory disease on the feeble maggots of the world.


CIRCUITRY has now confirmed a November 4th release date for their debut.  The album is available for pre-order HERE.  Today the second song from the album has been released.  The song entitled “Perfect Vision” can be streamed HERE.  While there be sure to check out CIRCUITRY’s Five Facts about New Jersey and a guitar play through of the song by Christian Colabelli.


The first single “Watch Our Shadows Cast” can be heard on CIRCUITRY’s bandcamp page HERE and on YouTube HERE.  The artwork for the album was created by John Bryan of Revolution Dream Design.


The music on the forthcoming 10-song-full-length eponymous debut was carefully crafted over the past year in disconsolate, Warren, NJ, and disdainful Long Branch, NJ and is tenfold more infectious and devastating than the dreaded Ebola virus. God save your miserable souls.


Track Listing:

1) The One Who Knocks

2) Safe Words

3) Watch Our Shadows Cast

4) The Monster in Her Womb

5) Unplug

6) Horizon

7) Perfect Vision

8) Refractory

9) Rarefactions

10) Divorce Court

11) States of Existence.


Band Members:

Christian Colabelli: Guitar

Matt Guglielmo: Drums

Joel Monet: Vocals/Programming


For Info Visit:

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