Claudio Peterlini from Chaos Theory interview, July 2012

After reviewing ‘Chaos Theory‘ the excellent debut album from  ‘Bio-Death’ I caught up with vocalist Claudio Peterlini for a quick interview to find out more about the band.

I have seen on your Facebook page that there is a healthy scene of Italian thrash metal bands. Is it mainly underground or gaining in popularity?

Yes it is true, in Italy there are currently several thrash metal bands, and new ones are born continuously. However, for now, they remain confined in the underground movement for a variety of reasons; including the lack of support we receive from the public.

Bio-Death’s 10 songs are all about the 3-minute mark. Was that just the way they turned out or did, you keep them short purposely?

Our aim was to build a fast and angry music, then we say that the songs were short to reach this goal. I am aware that this comes at the expense of expressiveness, which can make listening difficult for untrained ears or people who are not convinced and angry thrashers, but our plans were to create a disk with a strong impact, it was like a kick in the nose, devastating and fast, I think we made a good job.

Have you any new songs written for your 2nd album?

Ouuuuuyeeeeaaah! We’re just working on a new disc right now, we wrote three songs and we are working with others, I can anticipate something: it will be an album that will surprise those who follow us, but it will be a pleasant surprise, I can assure you!

Is the song writing a band effort?

Song writing is a pleasure, the best way I know to give birth to ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Song writing is a wonderful thing and we do not want to stop it ever!

Apparently, your bass player left the band during the recording of Bio-Death. Any update on a replacement bassist?

Uhm …. no! Ahahahahah we are very unlucky with the bass players, for the moment we do not have a fixed member, for example, on June 20th we played in the opening Brutal Truth and a friend of mine came and played bass with us. Unfortunately, the guy is very busy and he cannot always follow us or join the band permanently. We are still looking for a bassist. Indeed, if anyone wants to present himself we are always available! Just contact us!

Are there any immediate plans for Chaos Theory to tour outside Italy?

We are planning a small tour at the beginning of 2013 that should lead us in Western Europe. Still I would not give further details because it has still to be programmed, we have not the dates and clubs where we will be performing yet, but it is something that we absolutely want to do! It is the best way to get our music out there.

Has any of the band got a favourite studio and/or live album?

I can tell you Davide is a Lamb of God’s maniac fan and the album he really love among all their discography is “Sacrament”, about the live album instead, well, I’m very affectionate to “A Real Live Dead One” from Iron Maiden, it was the first live album was given to me and I love with my whole being.

What is the best live gig you have been to?

That was last night! I am not kidding you! We played with Sincircus, a great metal band from our area, in a room without a stage, playing on the ground, surrounded by people, by sweat, by fury and madness! It was great being able to move through the club jumping, moshing and banging our head against every wall! Be in direct contact with people and breaking the bones with them! So it should be every concert! It was so fucking funny!

Thank you Claudio for taking the time to answer my questions! \m/

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