Dramatic, Cinematic, Explosive, and Exciting are four words that have been used to describe rising South Wales Electronicore crew ‘Clear The Auditorium’. And upon listening to their sophomore EP ‘The Final Broadcast’, which is released for 17th November, you can see why.

Born out of the depths of South Wales, Clear The Auditorium have a flurry of influences ranging from the hard-hitting CTAand electronic rock sounds of ‘Enter Shikari’ and ‘Pendulum’, through to the flair and theatrical rock etchings of ‘My Chemical Romance’ and ‘30 Seconds To Mars’. The studious crew have cultivated a riveting sound that is laced with innovative themes, peppered with hooky riffs and perfectly underpinned by powerhouse electro beats and soundscapes.

Formed in 2011 and comprised of Dafydd ‘Taf’ Richards (Electronics/Vocals), Matthew Bennett-Jones (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Conor Evans (Bass) and Caleb Priday-Jeremiah (Drums), Clear The Auditorium have secured supports with heavyweights such as The Blackout, Yashin, Blitz Kids and have recently vowed audiences at the Merthyr Rock festival. The band have a growing reputation for serving up a fierce live show which has helped catapult them to the vanguard of the Welsh scene.

The foursome’s debut EP ‘2021’ drew a line in the sand, exploring the concept of a possible prediction for a World War Three in ‘2021’ and the electro-rocksters elaborate on that theme with their new record ‘The Final Broadcast’, which is rebooted this November with three additional bonus tracks. Their lead single, ‘If We Burn’, has already been released as a free download ( receiving airplay on BBC Radio Wales with Adam Walton labelling the cut “the biggest sounding thing I’ve played in a long time.” The Final Broadcast paints a crisp image of the EP’s concept, taking strong lyrical influence from bands like My Chemical Romance and infusing electronic and rock genres akin to modern contemporaries such as Enter Shikari. The release is designed “to create a mental image for the listener and to tell a story, a reminder of a very possible and frightening scenario.” Says frontman Dafydd, “the songs also have underlying metaphoric meanings, cryptically relating to more personal real life experiences”. From the infectious groove of the current single ‘If We Burn’, to the mammoth refrain of ‘We Are The Danger’, and to the atmospheric nuances and haunting beauty of ‘Epilogue’, the South Wales newcomers have delivered a record that is sure to propel the band to new horizons.

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