Codex Alimentarius – The Infinite Growth Paradigm Vs Finite Resources (Mk II)

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Codex Alimentarius

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On 29 May 2017
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A stunning display of extreme metal delivered with clinical precision.

Codex Alimentarius

Well this certainly cleared a few insomnia fuelled cobwebs at 7am on a Sunday morning! The Infinite Growth Paradigm Vs Finite Resources (Mk II) from Exeter based Codex Alimentarius, formed in 2009 will be releasing this six track E.P on June 1st. Looking at the band line up saw me spotting three guitarists which hinted at extreme heaviness, point proven by E.P. opener ‘Baptised’. The bludgeoning intro brought to mind The Berzerker as the lead vocal assault from Ray thundered over shimmering guitar lines. A pummeling drum assault lead to a calm before the storm piercing guitar segment midway as a foot to the floor finish is peppered with stunning lead guitar work.

Frenetic footwork drumming provides the foil for an adrenaline rush of hellish vocals and mind blowing riffing in ‘Collapse’. The sheer evil of the song reaches to a point that it draws you in and spits you out for an almost Dragonforce like end. The quality shines through on ‘Goodslaves’ as jarring guitar lines morph into abrasive, bulldozing soundscapes. The Berzerker influences come to the fore again with the seven minute schizoid rage that burns through ‘No Return’. It majestically rises and falls over a cathartic vocal. An Iron Maiden like gallop midway is battered into submission by a brutal ending.

‘Symbiosis’ has an orchestral vibe as the pace, but not the intensity is lowered as almost hard rock riffs raise their heads throughout above metronomic drumming and the most brutal vocal. The E.P. ends on a high with ‘Arise’ as an opening guitar flurry precedes militaristic drum patterns as the song runs along on an Egyptian feel with majestic riffing. Retailing for £5, it will be available from iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.


E.P track listing : –




No Return.



Codex Alimentarius band line up :-

Ray – Vocals.

Andrew Dicker – Bass guitar.

Frank Dennis -Drums.

Stan Kemble -Guitar.

Tim Wright – Guitar.

Elliott Alderman-Broom – Guitar.


A stunning display of extreme metal delivered with clinical precision.

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