Crapfest 2019

Being born from a concept and dream by two Scouse lads, Crapfest introduced itself at Phase One Records in Liverpool, on a sunny late August Bank Holiday afternoon, in front of a packed house. And if anything came from this day alone, it is that Crapfest is here to stay.

The idea from both Andy & Mike (Crapsons) was to hold a festival to thank all the bands that had helped them so far on their incredible journey as a band over the last 20 months. To celebrate friendships old and new, by inviting each band onto one stage in what was to become an unforgettable day.

But the day wasn’t just about music. Crapfest chose the Aching Arms charity to donate proceeds from the event to. A charity very close to Salt The Snail frontman Krystian Hudson’s heart, which is run by a group of bereaved mothers who have experienced the pain and emptiness of leaving hospital without there baby through still-birth and similar complications.

First up was Scotch Funeral. Described as garage Rock / Punk. A two-piece. Just a fuzzed up messy guitar and a battered drum. Adam James quite often sticks his middle finger up to the system and all who follow it, and this protesting flows in and out of his music, making it’s point along the way. A great start and an enthusiastic crowd for this early in the day.

Next up were Three From Above. A spiffingly tight unit. A bit more mainstream than the punk genre expected here today but good grief could these guys play and perform, as could Londoners Healthy Junkies, who were next to entertain the ever growing crowd. These are a post/punk sort of group with a female singer, as cool as you like. I got the impression from these that they looked, sounded and belonged back in the late 80’s era. And I mean that as a 100% compliment. Just by watching these guys there was just something that took much back to my youth. Brilliant.

Next up was the unexpected jewel in the crown in the form of Organ Freeman. There are no real words to describe this threesome. You have two guys on drums, a sampling machine, and one crazy and amazingly brilliant entertaining frontman. This isn’t a gig, it’s more of a show, if you will. Great feel good songs, each one carrying a tale. Whether it be funny or not. A great performance by a band I will be seeing more of I’m sure.

Mr.Ted were next on the stage with their contagious anarchic sound. I loved the sumptuous beats in their set that made your head and foot tap in unison. A proper diverse band these with power and precision and a very worthy set indeed. Pale Rider were next into the ring. There was a sort of psychedelic feel to these lot. Some lovely wah wah pedal effects making their music feel full and oozing with imagination.

Next up were the band I had been waiting for in Spam Javelin. These guys play sub-hardcore in such a way it stands for everything that I have ever believed in as a musician. Speed, tightness, power, anger, punchy, catchy. You name it. The band’s rawness is their strength and the crowd feed from it. A superb set and one that will be hard to beat.

I was looking forward to seeing Salt The Snail for the first time here today. Their set was strange from the off. Asking the audience to pick the songs they want to hear was a good move at certain points I must admit. The bands ability to stop mid-show and talk to the crowd whilst keep them entertained and attentive is a great attribute to have. Such a powerful band. Very Beastie Boys if you ask me. And the crowd surfing just nails this set as one of the best.

Penultimate band Habits had some tough acts to follow, but they pulled it off with their fast punk paced riffing and hard hitting tunes. Gritty stuff these guys and one to definitely catch again.

And so to Creators, organisers, and headliners Crapsons. Each time I watch these guys they grow more as musicians and as a band and it’s great to see their relationship blossom beyond belief. Their chaotic and filthy punk energy smothers the packed crowd. They even invite Spam Javelin on stage for ‘You Don’t Know When Your Gonna Die’. They couldn’t go wrong tonight. They wouldn’t. Never in a million years was this set going to be anything but special. It just wasn’t an ordinary set. Every song shed the day’s success as a festival. This set was a celebration of the day and everything it stood for. An amazing day. A day Crapsons should, and will be proud of. Crapfest 2020 is what we now need.

You can watch the alternative version of Crapsons hit single ‘Who’ll Babysit The Goths?’ (filmed at Tudno FM) on the video link above.




Crapfest 2019
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