Crapsons – Deaf Centre, Chester – 15/03/19

Chester’s Deaf Centre, which sits next door to the iconic Telford’s Warehouse, by way of Restless Bear Promotions, has become an up and coming venue for the popular underground scene. Tonight, it’s punk duo Crapsons opportunity to shine as they make their Chester debut.

This was my first visit to this venue and I’m impressed with the set-up. It’s tiny, only holds 100 x people I’ve been told, but the sound generated is fantastic. The stage looks good and the lighting is blinding, hence my (not so good) photos! There’s cheap drinks available, and entry is £3 by pre-booked ticket, or £5 on the door.

What a set these guys pulled off tonight. I recently interviewed  Mike & Andy just before New Year in Bangor, North Wales, and they played a blinder there. But tonight was something special. They played almost everything off the brilliant ‘Deaths & Spelling Mistakes’  EP and threw some news ones in too.


What excites me about this band when I see them live is the sheer power and energy they force upon the crowd. Mike’s bass sound is stunningly unforgiving and brutal. Distorted beyond recognition. Andy’s drums surprisingly pounding for a two-piece kit. When they play they fill the stage with just their sheer presence. Full of energy and vigour. The effort the two of them produce to present their songs in such a vibrant and angry way is nothing short of brilliant. There’s not many two-piece units like Crapsons.

The pure brilliance of ‘Jee Wizz’‘Checking In To A&E’,  ‘YDKWYGD’ ‘Kings Of The Council Estate’,  together with new tracks such as ‘Hidden Package’  and ‘Teabags And Strawberry Jam’  are delivered with such confidence, humour and swagger. It really is a show from these guys and I’m so looking forward to Manchester on 19th July to catch them again at The Castle. Brilliant set!!



1 – Oh Yeah   2 – Jee Wizz   3 – Checking In To A&E   4 – Teabags And Strawberry Jam

5 – Hidden Package   6 – YDKWYGD   7 – Peter   8 – Kings Of the Council Estate

9 – Scallies   10 – Shed Talk / Hide And Seek

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